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Joyce on BlogTalkRadio- Dr. Brenda Wade Modern Love

Dr. Brenda Wade- Modern Love

Log onto BlogTalkRadio to hear Dr. Brenda Wade and I discuss how the same neurotransmitters that got you hooked into a toxic relationship can help you unhook and reclaim your life! Click this link.

You can also secure “20 Ways to Combat Sorrow and Loss Around the Holidays” by using this link.

I sincerely hope that these efforts help you have your happiest holiday season ever!

What do “Mistresses” and Joe Paterno have in common?


I confess….. I was addicted to “Mad Men.” Recorded every episode.

Since I can’t get lost in the exploits of Donald Draper any longer, I’ve turned to “Mistresses” and “The Bachelor” for my “bad-relationship” fixes. Analyzing whether the creators stick to the realistic affects of oxytocin is a favorite pastime of mine. And Continue reading What do “Mistresses” and Joe Paterno have in common?

The Biology of Political Preference

Are #Democrats more responsive to #oxytocin?I guess I’m not the only one who suspects that Republican support for Donald Trump smacks of sociopathic alignment.  A new study with well stated replication protocols is underway to determine the impacts of oxytocin on political preferences.

The study whose caption is “Oxytocin and the Biological Basis for Interpersonal and Political Trust,” is currently being spearheaded by Citizen Science Belleville. The organization  was formed to replicate studies of experiments to improve health, relationships or the well being of future generations. They focus on studies they deem important so that there’s a more significant and broader basis from which to base conclusions. Often, initial studies take place with limited participation and are faulted for having skewed results. Citizen Science Belleville sets high standards to replicate the original trial and their findings can either lend credibility, or not, to the original findings.

So far, the study of political behavior found that intranasal administration of 40 IU of oxytocin significantly increases trust in the government for Democrats, but not for Republicans. Based on those findings, the current Presidential race seems to split down morality lines with morally intact folks, those who respond to oxytocin, identifying as Democrats, and those who do not respond to oxytocin identifying as Republicans.

The original study was conducted by Merolla, J. L., Burnett, G., Pyle, K. V., Ahmadi, S., & Zak, P. J. (2013). Here’s the link: Oxytocin and the biological basis for interpersonal and political trust. Political Behavior, 35(4), 753-776.


UGA links OXT gene to social disorders










Little noticed by much of society, a landmark study on the genetic link to character disorder was released on June 20th by researchers Continue reading UGA links OXT gene to social disorders

Dust-Off! Step 5- How to Heal From a Romance Scam!


From now ’til June 15th, Truth in Romance Day, read each crucial step to help romance scam victims reclaim their self-esteem and dignity. Today, we’ll cover the letter “O”. Continue reading Dust-Off! Step 5- How to Heal From a Romance Scam!

The Science Behind Love Is Revealed

The Addiction of Romance
The Addiction of Romance

An online resource produced a decisive info-graphic explaining exactly how our brain chemistry  attracts and attaches us to our love interests. It describes everything from the Continue reading The Science Behind Love Is Revealed

What do Monopoly and Oscar Pistorius have in common? 

From Milton Bradley's popular game, Monopoly
From Milton Bradley’s popular game, Monopoly

Drilling four bullet holes into his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, wasn’t sufficient to convict Oscar Pistorius, famous South African, double amputee and Olympic runner, for murder.  His jail term on a manslaughter conviction, 5 years, meant spending only 12 months behind bars. He’ll serve the balance of his sentence under house arrest. Pistorius gets his Get Out of Jail (almost) Free card on October 20th.

Continue reading What do Monopoly and Oscar Pistorius have in common? 

Oxytocin-The media is catching on! 

Lack of oxytocin can be at the heart of what creates sociopaths and psychopaths


Every day for the past few months, I’ve noticed a significant increase in articles on Oxytocin, the neuropeptide that’s at the very heart, (yes, pun intended,) of human bonding. From stories about creating trust with our pet pooches, to black-market trafficking, Continue reading Oxytocin-The media is catching on! 

A Great Read on Oxytocin- Love Addiction

oxytocin romance obsession

Rachel Sanoff deserves a medal for her article on Bustle! Must reading for everyone who ever wondered why they were stuck Continue reading A Great Read on Oxytocin- Love Addiction

Oxytocin Wins Scientific Grants for UF!


The neuropeptide, oxytocin, has been linked to many beneficial characteristics and behaviors in both humans and other mammals. Considered the “Love Molecule” by Dr. Paul Zak in his groundbreaking book, The Moral Molecule, How Trust Works, it has become a hot topic, drawing funds for in-depth analysis by scientific researchers.

Melissa Brown reported the following for The Independent Florida Alligator:

Continue reading Oxytocin Wins Scientific Grants for UF!

Oxytocin at its finest!

Barbara Tage

The neuropeptide, oxytocin, along with others, provides connection “chemistry.”

Some people are more easily seduced because they’re more compelled by bonding chemistry than others. In the case of Barbara Tatge, a Boston Marathon runner from TN, she seemed immediately smitten by a man she randomly kissed, Continue reading Oxytocin at its finest!

Not Just Warm Flesh and Body Fluids

couple on beachEvery person’s brain chemistry is different.

It’s one of the many reasons why we’re as unalike as snowflakes in the wide expanse of humanity. Our DNA, brain chemistry, and the impacts of early childhood development,  Continue reading Not Just Warm Flesh and Body Fluids