TEDx Talk

TEDx Youth @ Ursuline Academy, 5/20/18

When “Yes” Means “No,” the Truth about Consent

Sexual assault ends when defining CONSENT begins! #FGKIA! Seven ways you can help stop sexual assault!

  1. Watch this TEDx Talk
  2. Share it with everyone you know!
  3. Like it
  4. Comment on it directly on the TEDx Site
  5. Call your legislators to demand change! Send them a copy of “Your Consent” located in the upper right corner of this page
  6. Use #FGKIA to spread awareness about what consent really is
  7. Post & share free flyers to inspire people to watch the TEDx Talk. Here’s the link

Together, we can make the world a safer place!

Defining "consent" is the critical key to conquering sexual assault!

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