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YOU can help conquer Sexual Assault!

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

The Consent Awareness Network needs your support! Become a CONSENT Outreach Ambassador! (COA)

  • Conduct outreach to legislators in your state or jurisdiction to enact #CONSENT laws from coast to coast and beyond.
  • Spread the word on #CONSENT to the broadest audience through social media.
  • Provide a meaningful voice on the issues of sexual assault, violence and harassment throughout your area.
  • Work with our growing team to create unique marketing strategies that can enlighten society about the meaning and importance of consent.

Our Consent Outreach Ambassadors have:

  • Met with legislators in Pennsylvania to launch their efforts to define consent in their penal code!

    PA Sen. Katie Muth meets with CONSENT Outreach Ambassadors Nina Lucas, Joyce Short and Cheryl Carmel, the Foreperson for the Bill Cosby Jury
  • Taken an active role in the #CONSENT discussion staged by Alaska State Representative Geran Tarr!
  • Addressed the national ATIXA conference for Title IX Administrators from schools and universities across the entire US!
  • Eve Wiley – Catalyst for new Texas Sexual Assault by Deception law

    Passed laws – like our Outreach Ambassador Eve Wiley in Texas – whose efforts made it a crime for a fertility doctor to switch donor sperm without the consent of the patient.

Our milestones are just some of the many initiatives to provide the accurate, meaningful definition for CONSENT to combat rape mentality today, and for generations to come!

Consent Accountability Rhyme -from our cartoon- from speech at the Women’s March NYC

You can be a meaningful part of this change!


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Your Consent –

The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault


Defining "consent" is the critical key to conquering sexual assault!

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