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In the words of the immortal Dr Martin Luther King, “I have a dream!” And it’s to see the end of defilement and the recognition and respect for the sexual autonomy of every human life.

For and Against

We’ve included opposing legal argument so you can see just how absurd the law’s claim is that “defrauding a person of sex does not constitute a crime.” You’ll also be able to see the ridiculous arguments that are raised by readers in order to obstruct protection from becoming the rule of law.

Obviously, if you can defraud a person of a car, their bicycle, their money…. and go to jail….. (shoot, in the state of Florida, it’s two years in the slammer for using “false personation” to secure a Wildlife Card)…..  how can defrauding a person of an intrusion into their sexual organs not consist of a crime?

Only in a society that believes sex organs are nothing but flesh and fluids, would that be the case. But moral people, with emotional empathy, are aware that the sexual regions of one’s body contains the gateway to the inner core of their being, their very essence. And any access, through any means, without the victim’s knowing consent, is a heinous, defiling, and criminal act!

ARTICLES AND LEGAL COMMENTARY, 10/25/16, Victim of Mario Antoine’s alleged pornographic film extortion scheme describes falling into his trap

AhmedabadMirror, 7/8/15, Doctor Charged with Rape

American Clarion, 2/27/15, Rape by Deception and other “health” lessons- Castellito

Bangladesh, 1/8/13 Bangladesh Cricketer Rubel Hossain remanded in actress rape case

Brooklyn, NY, 1998 Rape by Fraud and Rape by Coercion, Brooklyn Law Review- Falk

Law & Order SVU Imposter- 10/5/2016

California, 5/1/13 Rape by Deception, Rape by Impersonation, and a New California Bill

Canada, 2/23/15, Rape by Fraud: Coercion not Deception, Prof. Kim Buchanan @ Osgood

Chicago, IL. 5/18/16 Man Steals Cross, $93 in Online Dating Sex Scam, Prosecutors Say, DNA Info

Connecticut, New Haven, Yale Law Journal 12/2/14 Rape by Deception- A Response – Rubenfeld

India, Bengaluru, 1/30/15 Court refuses to dismiss case of rape and fraud

Los Angeles, CA, 1/30/13. Rape is Rape, New Times

London, UK, 2/21/15 Fake Locum GP who worked in practices across Britain charged with fraud, Daily Mail

London, UK, 10/24/14 Met pays 425K pounds sterling to mother of undercover policeman’s child

London, UK, 4/10/13 Legal authorities edge toward sanctioning trans murder, Jane Fae

Massachusetts, 2/29/08 Rape “By Deception” May Become a Crime in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, 5/10/07 Mass Court- Sex by Fraud Isn’t Crime

Melbourne, Australia, 9/18/15, Accused ‘fake’ gynaecologist Raffaele Di Paolo facing 79 more charges including rape, The Age, Victoria

Ohio, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, 1/30/15 Professor Falk Quoted in NBC News Story on Rape By Fraud

Ohio, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, 12/5/13 Falk responds to Rubenfeld’s Thoughts on Rape By Fraud in Yale’s Online Essay

Victoria, Australia, The Age, 2/11/25, Blond-Haired Caucasian, Deepack Dhankar’s on-line dating lies lead to sex-fraud charge

Melbourne, Australia, 9/18/15, Accused ‘fake’ gynaecologist Raffaele Di Paolo facing 79 more charges including rape

Virginia, 10/3/11 Rape by Lie in the United States

Washington, US, 2/9/14 Rape by Fraud, What it Means and Why it Matters

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