5 Fatherly ways to Protect kids from Sexual Assault – for #FathersDay and Forever!

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More and more, we’re seeing men take responsibility for preventing sexual assault. The ItsOnUs campaign focuses on men stepping in when they see potential or actual danger. And no one, neither mother nor father, wants their child harmed by a sexual predator.

The average age for a sex trafficked girl is 13. And boys are also sex traffic targets. Parents need to combat the dangers long before their child becomes a victim! Here are some of the ways kids can be protected at an early age:

  1. Teach your child that consent really means, freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA. At an early age, start them to understand that if you force someone, bully someone, or trick someone into agreeing or going along with you, the other person is not really consenting. It’s hard to do when they need to look to you as the person who makes decisions for them, even ones they don’t like. But it’s important to let them know they should tell you if someone tries to force them, trick them or fool them into doing something they don’t want to do.
  2. Screening caregivers is absolutely imperative. Most sexual assaults take place right in the child’s home, and it’s often a family member or someone you know. Use cameras in the home whenever your child is left in someone’s care.
  3. Be vigilant about your child’s use of the internet. Make sure they know that the person at the other end of the conversation may not be who they think. Even requests for baby-sitters have turned into cases of sex trafficking. Be sure YOU know who your son or daughter is baby-sitting for. Meet the family before the baby-sitting assignment.
  4. Before they head off to college- let them know the importance of the buddy system. You wouldn’t want them jumping into the ocean without a buddy, and they shouldn’t be jumping into the sea of college social life without a buddy either. Make sure they tell someone where they’re going and that they check in when they’re safely back. And have them always carry your contact information with them in their wallet, and on their phone under ICE- In Case of Emergency.
  5. Read Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault. Watch, and have your children watch, When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent. Call your local legislators to demand they adopt the meaning of consent into law in your state. The laws that protect your child from harm are in your hands. Use your voice to make the world safer for them, for their future children, and for everyone’s children around the world!

Texas Passes First Sexual Assault by Fraud Law!

Texas Fertility Doctor Kim McMorries

Little by little, the concept that deceiving someone about conduct involving their reproductive organs is a crime is seeping into society’s consciousness. This past Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Wiley took a giant step forward that brings this critical issue to light by signing Senate Bill #1259 into law. It becomes effective on September 1.

The new Texas law is based on the case of Eve Wiley whose birth resulted from the artificial insemination of her mother by Dr. Kim McMorries. Instead of impregnating her by the sperm of the donor she’d chosen, McMorries introduced his own sperm. Wiley didn’t learn of his duplicity until she became an adult and lobbied for a new law to prohibit his behavior.

“Lobbying for this bill was the purpose in my pain,” Wiley said. Her feelings explain why so many of us set a course for righting the harm we struggled with. And it underscores how doing so can help you get your power back when it was stripped away by the wicked cruelty of others.

While Wiley’s heroic efforts have put sexual assault by fraud on the map in Texas, we still have a long way to go. Recognition of a crime must be uniform. If McMorries’ fraud to undermine his patients’ self determination over their reproductive organs is a crime – and it is – all fraud to undermine your self determination over your reproductive organs is a crime.

Texas has a clear understanding of consent that it applies to fraud in cases of theft. But law enforcement fails to apply the state’s consent provision to sexual conduct. In Texas Penal Code, “Consent is not effective if induced by force, threat or fraud.” The Texas authorities must wake up to the realization that consent is consent in all matters.

Excuses, excuses!

McMorries tried to excuse his behavior by stating it was acceptable and common practice at the time. His mentality is at the core of why we face an uphill battle that must be waged NOW to prevent future acts of duplicitous sexual conduct. Society seems to think defrauding people of sex is an acceptable common practice.

Insisting that every person has the inherent right to knowledgeably chose who to sexually engage with and what sexual acts to engage in is just plain common sense…. just like Eve’s mother had the right to chose the sperm she wanted for her child.

Recognizing McMorries conduct as a crime helps society see the larger picture….. all sexual deception is a crime. Consent is never present when one is duped into agreement. This awakening is coming. And you can help speed the Consent Train down the track!

Here’s what you can do to help…..

Donate to ConsentAwareness.Net

Watch this TEDxTalk

Read Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Call your legislator and demand change!

Laws that define “Without consent” do not define “consent”

In the US, several states and territories have an absurd way of dealing with “consent.” They attempt to define the word by what it’s not instead of what it is. And our system of justice nonsensically changes “consent” with its application. Whether consent is applied to cyber security, theft, medical research, sexual assault, etc., consent is always the same thing….. #FGKIA, Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement.

  • Cyber security has accurately defined consent through General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Retractable Agreement. (Condensed version)
  • Medical Research has accurately defined consent through Nuremberg Code: Freely Given, (not induced by force, duress or deception), Agreement. (Condensed version)
  • But our lawmakers have failed to accurately define consent through Penal Code. Why not? Because many of them really don’t want to! A huge swath of their constituents feel entitled to sexually assaulting you, and too many of those legislators value their jobs more than they value your safety!

Why is defining something by what it’s not a bizarre approach?

The list of what it’s not is infinity minus what it is. So making claims about what it’s not is a backwards way to look at a definition.

Don’t mean to be insulting, just trying to make a point…. Here are some of the things consent is not:

  • It’s not a Jello pudding pop.
  • It’s not a sand castle.
  • It’s not a neutral color of paint for your living room.

On what planet is defining “what it’s not” the same as defining “what it is?”  And even when you add the caveat that what it’s not is  “not limited to the following,” you can bet that law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and juries, will apply the oldest legal doctrine, Nulla peona sine lege – “What is not expressly prohibited by law is permissible,” on a case by case basis.  

At least Montana gets it right by doing it backwards

Montana’s statute #45-5-501(1)(a), applies all the Model Penal Code “Consent Provision” elements of “force, duress (coercion,) and deception, which is consistent with the definition of consent; #FGKIA, Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement.

If your legislators bury their heads in the sand to pretend they don’t see that consent is freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement, point them to my TEDx Talk, GDPR, Nuremberg Code, Model Penal Code and Montana’s Law.

But even Montana can benefit by adding the clarification that consent is “freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement” to its statutes to make the meaning of consent crystal clear.


You can help!

Donate to ConsentAwareness.Net

Watch this TEDxTalk

Read Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Call your legislator and demand change!

Carnal Abuse by Deceit – How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape

#CAD or #CarnalAbuse

He was the man of her dreams all right….. a six foot tall, outrageously handsome, charismatic, charming, and intelligent nightmare!

For a twenty-something back in the early 70’s, there was no literature or common knowledge about character disorder. No one warned that sexual predators could con you without giving off the slightest glimmer of suspicion….. that they have no sense of remorse and can rip your heart and your life to shreds without batting an eye!

Long before #MeToo and #TimesUp placed sexual assault at the forefront of media, Carnal Abuse by Deceit created the conversation about the true meaning of consent. Through its heart wrenching story and analysis, you’ll recognize how devastating being scammed for sex is. And if this unscrupulous crime happened to you, you’ll find the words to express your pain and launch yourself down the road to recovery!

Get it for yourself, and give it to all the nay-sayers in your life that try to invalidate, trivialize, and shame you for being victimized by an unscrupulous CAD.

Buy Carnal Abuse by Deceit in Paperback or Kindle and all E-Formats

Hay Festival- What a difference a year makes for #MeToo!

#JoBrand Comedian comments on #FGKIA #MeToo
Jo Brand – Comedian

In contrast to last year’s Hay Festival… the annual literature and arts festival conducted each year in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, comedian Jo Brand gave rousing support to the #MeToo movement. As reported by The Guardian, she stated: “I feel it is something we need to keep pushing at. It was going in the right direction until certain people said, ‘Oh they’ve had their say, can they not be quiet now?’” She blamed most of the negative backlash on men, many of whom worked for the Daily Mail.

Last year, Germaine Greer, an Australian academic, writer and intellectual often associated with the feminist movement, actually stated “Most rapes don’t involve any injury, whatsoever.” She cavalierly likened “nonconsensual sex” to “just bad sex.”

Brand is no stranger to sexual harassment.

Brand was threatened with gang rape at the age of 20. And while performing a comedy routine, a heckler pulled out his penis and demanded that she “Suck my d##k!” She ran off the stage in horror and was admonished by management for ending her set 2 minutes early.

Although Brand’s Hay Festival comments were an uptick from last year, they still lack clarity on the importance of defining #CONSENT in our laws – the single most critical key to conquering sexual assault! Perhaps next year will find us closer to achieving the real recognition that wakes up society and brings this defilement and the predators who commit it to their knees!


Steve Humanick Is Back in Court

Steve Humanick of Stone Harbor, NJ

April 18, 2019- Doylestown, PA- Steve Humanick of Stone Harbor, NJ, faced two accusers yesterday in open court. One victim is currently seeking a restraining order against him to protect herself and her family. The other previously received a settlement in a civil action against him, and testified under oath that Humanick had raped her. Continue reading Steve Humanick Is Back in Court

#FGKIA Rape Law – Even more important today than ever!

Being a law maker does not give the legislators in Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas and Utah the right to bully women into their personal religious beliefs. And where are those religious beliefs when legislators refuse to protect against rape by denying that freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA, must be present in order to engage in sex? Anything less is sexual assault!

Every state and territory of the US enables sexual assault by failing to provide an #FGKIA blanket of protection from rape. Instead they pick and chose specific nonconsensual acts to prosecute. It’s gross indecency to fail at rape protections while insisting victims give birth to the product of their own defilement. Sexual assault will only be conquered when each state insists on freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement in all sexual conduct.

The European Union has recognized #FGKIA in cyber security. Today, if you conduct business on the internet in Europe, you are held to the code of GDPR which clearly defines consent. It’s time for our legislators to provide protection for sexual conduct like it does for business conduct.

The more things change, the more they stay the same get worse

Century after century, generation after generation, men created the rules of law…… and women suffered their indecency. Our forefathers, and btw – many were steeped in their own immorality, having affairs, mistresses, and coercing illicit sex – created our constitution with a separation between church and state. Yet in every state that has sunk so deeply into misogyny that it undermines a woman’s right to chose, the defense is the religious belief that life begins at a heartbeat,

That’s certainly not my religious belief nor is it the religious belief of scores of US citizens. It is unconscionable, and unconstitutional for a legislator to misuse their authority to impose their religious beliefs on others.

Not a single legislator who claims their life began at a heartbeat can recall what they experienced in their first trimester because they did not have a functioning brain. They were plasma. They could neither think, feel, nor sustain themselves. Yet these globules of plasma, nourished and nurtured by a woman’s body, matured into human form and turned against the rights of the very women who brought them to life.

Whether or not a legislator believes that abortion is or is not acceptable for them, they have no right determining what is right for anyone else on religious grounds. No one can undeniably say, accept by belief, not fact, when life actually begins. Does it begin at conception? Does it begin when the brain is formed and cognizant? Does it begin when the fetus is self-sustaining? No one has the right to determine the answer for another person. No one.


Watch this TEDx Talk! Call your legislator! Demand change!

Monumental Rape by Fraud Bill Passes in Texas!

Eve Wiley says she was shocked to learn the sperm donor her mother chose was not her father -- the doctor who performed the artificial insemination procedure was. (Ashley Landis/Staff Photographer)
Eve Wiley, catalyst for Texas sexual assault by fraud law

Kudos to Eve Wiley from Dallas TX, who inspired a precedent setting sexual assault by fraud bill, approved by legislators in Austin yesterday!

Speaking about the offender, Representative Stephanie Klick, the bill’s sponsor in the House of Representatives, said, “This is a person who you really trust and they betrayed you. This would be considered a rape because you are doing something without consent.”

Klick was referring to the case of Wiley’s mother who had been duped by Dr. Kim McMorries. As seen on ABC’s 20/20, he artificially inseminated her with his own sperm instead of that which she selected from donor #106. Wiley researched the donor database and learned who donor #106 was. She reached out to him and they formed a close knit, loving bond, only to find that he was not her father after all…… McMorries was.

While Klick’s comments were directed to the specific type of fraud committed by McMorries, her concept on the illegality of being defrauded of your sexual autonomy rings true for every single case of sexual assault by deception or impersonation.

A shot heard ’round the world?

Senate Bill 1259 demonstrates the overall problem with sexual assault laws in Texas. Texas has a provision about consent in their penal code. Section 1.07-19 clearly states “Consent is not effective if induced by force, threat or fraud.” But in case after case, when victims of sexual assault by fraud bring their claims to the police, they are told consent applies in theft but not in sexual assault. In fact a police Sergeant in Ft. Worth stated, “Consent is not an element of rape in Texas.” (The status of consent in each state and territory of the US is described in “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault.”)

Texas is not alone in their failure to recognize or apply consent properly. As described in the TEDx Talk, “When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent,” the recent Bill Cosby conviction demonstrated Pennsylvania’s failure to define consent. And even with the acquittal of Donald Grant Ward in Indiana, who admitted to defrauding a woman for sex, lawmakers were unable to pass a bill to recognize his conduct as a crime.

Hopefully, this Texas bill, once signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, will serve as a launching pad to raise awareness about the use of fraud in sexual conduct and insure that anyone who uses deception to violate another person’s reproductive organs, is a criminal. Meanwhile, all nonconsensual sex is a crime, whether the state recognizes it or not!


Want CONSENT clearly defined in your state?

3 Consent Crusaders Meet with Lawmakers!

Left to right- Nina Lucas, PA State Senator Katie Muth, Joyce Short, Cheryl Carmel

Just like postal carriers delivering important mail, neither gusty wind nor heavy rain deterred our staunch “Consent Crusaders” from descending on the Pennsylvania statehouse this past Monday. I was joined by Nina Lucas, our PA Consent Awareness Outreach Ambassador, and Cheryl Carmel, Foreperson for the Bill Cosby jury. We addressed a bipartisan group of five representatives – several of whom were surprised to learn that consent is not defined in their penal code. In attendance were State Representative Wendi Thomas, State Representative Joe Emrick, State Senator Katie Muth and her Legislative Director Sonia Kikeri, Legislative Director David Kozak representing State Senator Wayne Langerholc, and State Representive Joe Ciresi. Each attendee received a copy of Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault and information specifically geared toward the issues in Pennsylvania.

Cheryl Carmel explained that the jurors asked Judge Steven O’Neill what the word “consent” meant in law and they were surprised that no specific definition had been codified into Pennsylvania’s statutes. They were told that as “reasonable people” they needed to use their best judgement, and they did. As the Foreperson, Carmel was tasked with pronouncing Cosby, “Guilty, Guilty, Guilty,” on all three counts.

Image of Wendi Thomas

Rep. Wendi Thomas had begun some of the heavy lifting to create a bill by reaching out to a lawyer to lend a hand. She recommended finding a way to insert a definition in existing law. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of her efforts.

What can you do to help?

  • I know I sound like a broken record, but the more people who watch my TEDx Talk and read Your Consent– the better informed you and society will be! Please watch, read and spread the word!
  • Call your legislators and demand change.
  • If you’d like to be an Outreach Ambassador in your state or territory, reach out to me at Info@ConsentAwareness.Net.

Texas Rape Law Ignores a Vicious Form of Fraud – And so do most states!

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Watch #SeedOfDoubt on ABC’s 20/20 tomorrow night, 10/9c,  to see yet another way the laws of Texas denies justice to its residents! 

Be sure to watch this compelling story, and contact your legislators to demand that “fraud” be an element of sexual assault in your state!

20/20’s episode shows how a young woman who came to life as the product of artificial insemination, believed her father was donor #106, and they enjoyed a close father/daughter bond….. except….he wasn’t really her father.

Consent is the critical key that should separate lawful contact with a victim’s reproductive organs from unlawful contact. Yet in Texas, sexual assault law does not protect against a fertility doctor swapping sperm to implant his patient…. a decidedly vicious sexual assault by fraud.

Consent is not simply agreement.

Consent is freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA.

Unless and until Texas Penal Code applies consent appropriately and states that all conduct involving a person’s reproductive system – that lacks consent – is a crime, criminal behavior such as this will continue to fall through legal loopholes.

Swapping sperm violates victims on several fronts:

  1. Fraud vitiates the consent form which was required in order to perform the medical procedure since the patient was not knowledgeable….. rendering the medical procedure an illegal act.
  2. Fraud violates the victim’s sexual autonomy, a sexual assault,  because the patient was not knowledgeable and informed. She could only “assent” which means “agreement on the face of it.” She could not “consent” which means “freely given. knowledgeable and informed agreement.”
  3. In matters of reproduction, fraud creates the bond of pseudo-family. Revelation could be devastating to all parties.

The laws of Texas are upon you, or, at least, they should be

In Texas, “consent” is ignored where rape and sexual assault is concerned. In several efforts to report rapes to various precincts, police officers, and even a Sergeant, recently told victims, “Consent is not an element of rape in Texas.”

#SexualAssault Laws without #FGKIA!

Violating consent is clear when someone steals property…. but the same consent provision that protects property is not applied in protecting a person’s sexual autonomy. Instead, the legislators of Texas have chosen specific acts of sexual assault to prosecute… a system consistent with using an umbrella made of Swiss cheese to protect against  a storm.

Texas should take a cue from Missouri or from my TEDx Talk! 

Unlike Texas where fraud only protects against theft and not sexual assault, Missouri’s Rape in the 2nd Degree statute clearly states: “Assent is not consent when induced by force, duress or deception,” While Missouri expresses when consent does not take place, my TEDx Talk, “When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent,” clearly defines what consent actually is – Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement. #FGKIA!

Did the patient freely give the doctor knowledgeable and informed agreement? There’s no Swiss cheese when #FGKIA is applied. It’s an all-encompassing umbrella!

Continue reading Texas Rape Law Ignores a Vicious Form of Fraud – And so do most states!

Today’s NY Times- Is Sex by Deception a Form of Rape?

Today’s NY Times – Is Sex by Deception a Form of Rape?

Kudos to Abby Ellin for getting this right!! As an author about a very contentious subject, I’m often concerned about my words getting twisted, but Ms. Ellin was thorough about the important points and spot-on in the message she’s conveyed.

The #FGKIA definition for consent, “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement,” is the REAL definition for consent.  We need to drive #FGKIA into the consciousness of society! Adopting this language into law will not only open society’s eyes to defrauding victims of sex, but will help conquer all forms of sexual assault! We can no longer tolerate our legislators picking and choosing specific types of sexual assaults to prosecute, when ALL FORMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT IS – WAS – AND FOREVER WILL BE A CRIME!

Failure to recognize this definition not only impacts sex by deception victims, but prevents society from understanding what actually constitutes rape.

For the NY Times to be dealing with the issue of sexual assault by deception is a huge step forward to enlighten society. Please read this article and write your opinion in the comment section. Use your voice to make the world a safer place!


On Amazon – https://amzn.to/2S9ZUJu

Watch this TEDx Talk

Read Your Consent  – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Participate in the #PutCONSENTtoMusic Song Contest

Call your legislator and demand change!

Your sexual assault story can make a difference!

Speak to me- Tell me your story!

Were you denied a police report when you summoned the courage to unburden your soul at a precinct? Did your aching heart get re-victimized when they told you the damage you suffered was not enough to warrant their attention?

Perhaps you were so concerned they wouldn’t help you that you didn’t even try. And maybe you were surrounded by people who Continue reading Your sexual assault story can make a difference!

New Cosby Book Underscores #FGKIA Definition of Consent!

NORRISTOWN, PA - JUNE 17: Actor and comedian Bill Cosby arrives for the sixth day of jury deliberations in Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse on June 17, 2017 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The jury is attempting to break its deadlock and reach a unanimous decision on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault the comedian faces. (Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

Almost one year from the date of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby’s conviction as a sexual predator, April 26,2018, a new book will be released that supports, categorically, that my recommended definition for #CONSENT – Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA, – is absolutely correct!

Huge thanks to Nina, from New Jersey, for passing this information along!

Chasing Cosby: The Downfall of America's Dad and more at TEDx Talk Your consent- The Truth about ConsentNicki Weisensee Egan’s new release, “Chasing Cosby, The Downfall of America’s Dad,” tells the story of the jury’s deliberations in the Cosby case. As I stated last year in my TEDx Talk, When YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent,” the first question the jurors asked Judge Steven O’Neill was “What’s the meaning of consent.” Because there is no consent definition in Pennsylvania’s laws, all he could say was “Use your common sense.”

Page Six covered the story of the book’s release yesterday. Fortunately, the foreperson for the jury, Cheryl Carmel, had been working with a newly enacted European data protection law. She told her fellow jurors, “This is the most far-reaching law anywhere in the world for individual privacy, and the basis of the law centers around an individual’s ‘consent.’ ”

The Page Six article states:

The definition of consent in this privacy law states it must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. It must be given by a clear affirmative act; it must be demonstrated that each of the above tests occurred, and it must be able to be withdrawn at any time.

“This is the privacy definition,” she said. “Surely, there is a specific legal definition of consent for criminal acts such as aggravated indecent assault.”

It turns out there isn’t, at least not in Pennsylvania.

The jury sent a note to the judge, requesting a definition of the word. The judge replied in open court. His reply was perplexing to the jury; they were informed that there isn’t a definition — that is, Pennsylvania law does not offer a definition of “consent,” and the judge advised the jurors to define the word for themselves.

Convicting sexual predators cannot rely on Cheryl Carmel being the foreperson for every sexual assault jury!

As I clearly stated in my TEDx Talk, every state and territory must have a clearly stated and accurate definition for consent that guides people’s behavior and holds sexual predators accountable. My TEDx Talk and my book, “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault” focuses on the consent issues from state to state and clearly explains why Nonconsensual Sex Is Sexual Assault, and CONSENT is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA!

It’s not over ’til it’s over, and you can do your part to insure it never happens again!

One of the oldest doctrines in law is “Nulla poena sine lege.” (How old? It’s Latin! It dates all the way back to the Roman era.) It basically means, “What is not prohibited by law is permissible.” This doctrine keeps the gates open on whether the judge and jury were within the bounds of PA law in determining Bill Cosby’s fate, a premise Cosby’s attorneys will likely argue upon appeal.

This doctrine and its application are the route of why we must have an overall recognition that nonconsensual sex is sexual assault in our penal codes. Law makers could not even begin to state the infinite ways a person can be sexually assaulted, just as they cannot possibly predict the infinite ways a person can be murdered. We know when someone kills another person by any means, they are a murderer. Our laws must reflect that when someone sexually violates a person by any means, they are a sexual predator committing a sexual assault.

You can help make a difference!

You can stand up for defining consent as #FGKIA in the laws of every state, including PA, and establishing that Nonconsensual Sex IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE, Sexual Assault!

Help get this across to society by doing the following today:

Watch my TEDx Talk

Purchase “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault”

Call your legislators and demand change! 

Tulipan Argentina’s New Condom Packaging Adds to CONSENT Confusion

Embedded video

Tulipan, an Argentine condom manufacturer, created new packaging to promote the “No Means No” concept of consent. Their box requires four hands to open. But this packaging fails to recognize that someone can be forced, coerced or deceived into cooperating. And when that happens, CONSENT is not present no matter how many hands have stirred this pot!

Less than 15% of Argentine men are estimated to actually use condoms. Never-the-less, this version of consent confusion intensifies the mischaracterization of consent as agreement by any means.  While “No” always means “No,” “Yes” only means “yes” when it is “freely given, knowledgeable and informed.  #FGKIA!”

Just like a Marlboro cigarette box is required to display a warning, Tulipan’s boxes should bear this notice:

“Regardless of how many hands open this box, consent is not present if either party has been forced, coerced or deceived to secure their agreement to sexual conduct.”

Joyce Short Interviews with Toni Lontis – W4WN Radio 4/11

Listen to WIN!

Spreading the word on CONSENT around the world! 

Interviewing with Toni Lontis tomorrow evening, 4/10. WFWN Radio– Women for Women, in Australia – 9 AM Friday in Australia, 7 PM Thursday, Eastern Time Zone-US.

Per W4WN Radio:

Joyce Short- Author and Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate

This week on RADIO TONI I’m interviewing the “Consent Crusader” Joyce Short. She’s a sexual assault survivor and a TEDx Talk Presenter. She’s the author of several books on sexual assault. Her most recent release, “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault,” helped create rape-law bills in two states, and counting. It provides a meaningful solution to the issues raised by #MeToo… and it’s currently available on Amazon. Listen in live with us at w4wn.com on Thursday 7pm US ET or Friday 9 AM AEST (for listeners who live in Australia.)

More about Toni:

Toni’s story is inspirational from a troubled childhood to tumultuous early adulthood through miscarriage, divorce, to supporting her daughter through the judicial system to the enjoyment of the happiness she has found in her life. Toni’s story will have you on the edge of your seat as she inspires you to overcome adversity.

Her life epitomizes resilience and speaking, educating and listening to others on the subject of trauma and trauma recovery, is her passion.

Connect with Radio Toni:

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Why Federal Sex Trafficking Law but no Federal Sexual Assault Law?


The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

Rodin’s figure of The Thinker was originally cast for his design of “The Gates of Hell,” the entrance way to a museum that was never built. It’s planned use seems analogous to the harm all rape victims endure, regardless of how they were raped. And it’s high time all of society rethinks what constitutes sex vs. what constitutes sexual assault!

Laws set the stage for moral reasoning and should apply to all things, equally Continue reading Why Federal Sex Trafficking Law but no Federal Sexual Assault Law?

Sexual Assault Survivors are Under-Served and Under-Recognized

The #RapeByFraud of Leda
Leda and the Swan by Michelangelo

For centuries, sexual assault survivors have been under-served and under-recognized. The concept that a woman actually owns her own body is modern-day thinking. But some states still show the vestiges of chattel and not a single, solitary state defines sexual assault as Continue reading Sexual Assault Survivors are Under-Served and Under-Recognized

“Your Consent” New Book- Released Today to Conquer Sexual Assault!


On Amazon – https://amzn.to/2S9ZUJu

Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault launched on Amazon today! It’s ranked #1 in New Releases – Law Dictionaries and Terminology!

Knowing what I do about sexual assault, that our laws really don’t define “consent” correctly, it pains me to see all the misguided efforts by intelligent, serious minded people who try to come to grips with the rampant volume of sexual assault. There really is one, and only one, necessary solution…. correctly defining consent in our laws, and creating a fully encompassing sexual assault provision to sync with that definition.

Without taking this critical step, sexual assault will never be defeated! Instead, we’re simply sticking a band aid over an amputation. #MeToo has highlighted the problem but too many sexual assaults are falling through the cracks in legal loopholes or being termed “confusion” or “bad sex,” by an unknowing society.

How terrible are our current laws?

My ConsentAwareness.Net friends who are fighting to change the laws in Texas know only too well how absurd the current laws are in their state. They’ve been to five precincts in the last couple of weeks. Even though Texas has a reasonably clear definition, it is only used to thwart thieves, not rapists. In fact, in the specific words of a precinct Sergeant in Ft. Worth…. “Sexual assault is not defined by consent in Texas.” If you think your state is better at recognizing sexual assault, think again!

Curbing crime takes both definitions and provisions

To fight sexual assault, we need new language that identifies what consent actually means…… “Freely Given, Knowledgeable, and Informed Agreement.” And each state or territory needs a statute that unequivocally states, “Nonconsensual sex is sexual assault.”

Penal Code definitions AND provisions need to work in unison in order to make sense. Having one without the other is an ineffective non-starter.

The solution’s not rocket science. It’s plain and simple. It’s been ignored for centuries because our laws reflected the concepts that women, the largest share of sexual assault victims, were chattel. Their virtue was a commodity owned by someone other than them. What happened to them, as second class citizens, was irrelevant. Because few actually examined our laws and researched the misconceptions that enables rape in our present society, nothing substantive has been done about it.

I’ve researched our laws….It’s time for a change!

Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault conveys the issues in plain language. Whether you’re a legislator, an educator, a judge, juror, or simply a concerned person, you can easily understand the message it conveys. This book can make a world of difference, and YOU can help make that happen!

  • Please get your copy today!

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  • Please help this work get noticed by the mainstream. It costs less than lunch money and can make the world safer for you, your children, and your children’s children.

Thank you!

Hmmm- Where’s my prize for World Poetry Day?

Joyce Short delivering My Consent at TEDx Talk

Got this blast this morning from The NY Times.

It’s Thursday — and it is World Poetry DayEnjoy these recommendations from David Orr, who writes the On Poetry column for the Book Review.


Guess Mr. Orr doesn’t include poems from TEDx Talks on his list of best poetry for 2018 because my poem was peculiarly missing.  (Please read that as an effort toward humor.)

But really, in honor of World Poetry Day, and to refresh minds about the gravity of sexual assault….. I repeat it here:


My body’s not a token, not a prize.

Don’t defile me with coercion, force, or lies.

My body’s not yours to take; it’s mine to give.

My body’s not your entitlement; it’s where I live!


Don’t think consent’s a privilege; it’s a must,

No matter how intensely you feel lust.

F-G-K-I-A, Keep your rape mentality away.

F-G-K-I-A, Sign it into law today,

Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement!


Watch my TEDx Talk and call your legislator. Use your voice to make the world a safer place!


Joyce Short – Featured Speaker at Church of the Advent Hope 2 PM Saturday, March 23


Join us at Church of the Advent Hope this Saturday, March 23, at 2:00pm to dig deeper into such an incredibly important and relevant topic with Joyce Short.

“Consent” is the crucial weapon in the war on sexual assault!” says Consent Crusader and victim’s advocate, Joyce Short. “While #MeToo and #TimesUp have raised awareness, they’re a movement in desperate need of a solution,” Short says. She’s researched the laws from coast to coast and found that there’s not a single state that correctly defines consent. She aims to change that, and to help today’s children grow up in a world where they, and our laws, clearly understand the meaning of consent.
Ms. Short’s efforts to fight sexual assault have supported new bills that are currently pending in Indiana and South Carolina. She’s been featured on NightlineBuzzfeedInside Edition, and more. Her TEDx TalkWhen YES Means NO – The Truth about Consent, can be seen on YouTube. Her new book, Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault is available for pre-release on Amazon. The launch date is March 28th. Ms. Short is a recipient of a “Woman of Distinction” honor by the NY State Assembly. She can be reached at her blog, www.ConsentAwareness.net or at info@ConsentAwareness.net.
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