Redistricting- It’s not over yet!

CB 8’s Roosevelt Island Co-Chair Lynne Shinozaki and Roosevelt Island Supporters at 8/22 NYC District Commission Hearing

We Still Need Letters!

The NYC Districting Commission is tasked with dividing NYC’s population of 8.8 million into 51 districts of 172,882 residents. They have shifted Roosevelt Island’s Council Representation from District 5 in Manhattan to District 26 in Queens. To see more on the problems this creates for our community, and provide comments to the commission, please use this link.

While the Commission’s hearings are in the rearview mirror- our community’s need for more comments and letters continues – right up to the final date for submission of the Commission’s ultimate plan, on December 7th.

Timeline for Future Redistricting Action- from Common Cause

  • OCTOBER 7, 2022: Deadline for the Commission to make its revised plan available to the public 
  • NOVEMBER 7, 2022: Commission must hold at least one public hearing prior to this date 
  • DECEMBER 7, 2022: Districting Commission must submit its final plan to the Council 
  • FEBRUARY 28, 2023: Beginning of petitioning process for City Council primary election
  • JANUARY 6, 2024: Districting Commission term ends

Fabulous news!

As I left the hearing on August 22nd, I was intercepted in the building’s lobby by the gentleman who actually reads and organizes the comments for the Commission. He informed me that Roosevelt Island had submitted more comments than any other area of NYC! The total of our comments grouped with the rest of District 5, was greater than all of NYC put together!

But we still need more!

We can’t rest on our laurels! We have a community to protect!

Roosevelt Island has unique needs, such as the necessity for the Roosevelt Island Tramway to be in one, and only one, council district, and to have a Manhattan City Council Member’s support to secure Manhattan permits whenever they are essential for repairs, maintenance, and capital improvements for our vital, indeed unique, commuter link.

If you have yet to send your comment to the Commission, please do so right away! Tap this link for all the information you need!

Here’s more!

We not only need to continue our letter-writing campaign, but to reach out to each person on the Commission directly. If you are acquainted with any of the following people, please let me know, immediately at

Dennis M. Walcott, Chair
Yovan Samuel Collado
Hon. Marilyn D. Go
Kevin John Hanratty
Maria Mateo, Esq.
Joshua Schneps
Lisa Sorin
Msgr. Kevin Sullivan
Kai-Ki Wong
Maf Misbah Uddin
Michael Schnall
Kristen Johnson
Gregory W. Kirschenbaum
Marc Wurzel
Dr. Darrin K. Porcher

What does Mayor Eric Adams think of redistricting?

On August 24th, His Honor, thanks to the advocacy of Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, visited the community and got an earful on the issues the community faces – not the least of which was redistricting. Blogger Rick O’Connor posted the video on his YouTube channel.

His ask…… “I’m a list person, make me a list!”

Main St. Dems will do exactly that. We’re looking for input from you to tell us what should go on that important list. Don’t be shy. Fill out the following form today.