NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to know what’s on your mind!

On August 24th, His Honor, thanks to the advocacy of Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, visited Roosevelt Island and got an earful on the issues the community faces – not the least of which was redistricting. Roosevelt Islander blogger Rick O’Connor posted the video on his YouTube channel.

His ask…… “I’m a list person; make me a list!”

Main St. Dems will do exactly that! We’re looking for input from you to tell us what should go on this important list. Don’t be shy. Fill out the following form today. You don’t need to be a registered Democrat to do so. Make your suggestions by Sunday, October 9th. Please stick to issues specifically for Roosevelt Island for example:

  1. We need a medical facility here.
  2. We need a bank.
  3. We need to be able to elect the folks who run the community.
  4. Our City Council Representative must be a Manhattan Representative.
  5. We need at least 1 NYPD Officer here 24/7.
  6. We need a Citizens Complaint Review Board to review complaints against the Public Safety Dept.
  7. Keep the 102 bus route.
  8. We need more shops and restaurants.

Be sure to repeat any of the above to amplify their message. You can simply state their numbers. And add more to the growing list.

Are you a registered Democrat or an Alliance Member? (There is no cost – Alliance Members can be Independents, Republicans, or simply Roosevelt Island residents who can't vote for any reason.)(required)

Share this post with every Roosevelt Islander you know!

If you want your interests supported by others, make sure you speak with people who can support them, and encourage their cooperation with this effort. We’re keeping track!