You – Yes YOU – Can be the cure for Sexual Assault!

Photo Credit: Robin Worrall @robin_rednine

Calling your legislators to demand change will make all the difference in the world!

The first Tuesday of every April is the DAY of ACTION for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Exactly one year ago, the very first bill to define CONSENT was publicly introduced at a news conference in New York City.

NYC Press Conference – SAAM Day of Action 2021

Since then, CAN and our like-minded coalition of organizations such as Hope, Healing and Transformation, I Have the Right To, and PAVE, have helped to spread the word to the public and legislators across the nation.

On this year’s #SAAM Day of Action- Tuesday, April 5th – the most impactful action YOU can take is to CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS and DEMAND CHANGE!

YOU can help offset the ignorance in our justice system by putting the definition for CONSENT at the top of every legislator’s agenda for transformational change!

Here’s all it takes:

On Tuesday, April 5th, call your legislator and say:

“I am your constituent. I want you to introduce the bill that will define CONSENT as “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement” into our state’s penal code, today!”

CAN enlightens legislators around the nation to influence change. If you’d like to change the laws in your state or jurisdiction, contact us at to get the ball rolling. We can bring the heavy artillery to compel the changes you need in your location!

While phone calls have the greatest impact on legislators emails leave a lasting impression. You can easily search online to find the email addresses of your local legislators and their Chiefs of Staff. We suggest you email both in order to secure a response.

Here’s a prototype of an email you can copy and paste:

Dear ______________,

Sexual Assault, Sex Trafficking, and Domestic Violence are only some of the many horrors victims suffer because our justice system is broken. Our laws must accurately define CONSENT as the “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA” that it is, in order to hold sexual predators accountable and secure justice for their victims.

I am reaching out to you to be a leader in the change to protect the public. I am interested in securing a date for a Zoom call with you, the Consent Awareness Network (CAN), and several of the survivors of high profile cases, in order to correct the dangerous flaw in our current penal law.

Please contact me with your availability for a date and time for this discussion.

Sincerely Yours,

  • CC: to keep us in the loop for follow ups.
  • Sign the petition to support the NY Bill at Passing the NY Bill will echo throughout the halls of justice….. Everywhere!
  • Please donate to CAN to help us fund the changes that will conquer sex crimes!

YOU really CAN be the catalyst for change by helping to #CodifyConsent!

Together we CAN and WILL make the world a safer place!