Oxytocin at its finest!

Barbara Tage

The neuropeptide, oxytocin, along with others, provides connection “chemistry.”

Some people are more easily seduced because they’re more compelled by bonding chemistry than others. In the case of Barbara Tatge, a Boston Marathon runner from TN, she seemed immediately smitten by a man she randomly kissed, on a dare by her daughter, at the Boston Marathon on April 20th.

It seems that in the town of Wellesley, kissing strangers is a tradition during the event. And Barbara planted one on a complying male runner. Even after the event, however, the connection that was stirred haunted her to the extent that she sought him out. The man’s wife good naturedly congratulated her on her run and stated that the couple preferred to remain anonymous.

You can read the full story on Yahoo News.

dog bondingOxytocin has been found to be at the heart of our trust, bonding, love and conscience. Even our pet pooch is connected to us by it. Sarah Knapton, the Science Editor forThe Telegraph recently reported on test findings regarding our relationship with our canine pets. Oxytocin levels were raised by human-to-Fido interaction in both the pets and their owners.

Neuropeptides and sexual manipulation

By targeting a mark, a sexual predator can stir the neurochemistry that creates bonding. Doing so under false pretenses can leave their victim feeling shattered. The offender has little romantic chemistry themselves and; therefore, diminished or non-existent conscience about their actions. Unemotionally exiting from the encounter is easy for them since they experience sex without connectivity. Their victim; however, would feel the normal bonding that oxytocin provides.

Testosterone vs Oxytocin

Neuroscience have shown that high levels of testosterone diminish the effectiveness of oxytocin, therefore, to a male with elevated testosterone, their experience with sex can be far less about connection and far more about the chase and the act itself. But anyone with low levels of bonding neurochemistry, whether male or female, can become an emotional predator.