The Voice of Supporters- Stop Sex By Fraud!


Nay-Sayers are not the only voices!

We’ve heard all the nay-saying silliness that folks who oppose “Sexual Assault by Fraud” laws come up with. And we’ve seen the ridiculous scenarios that the media creates in order to sensationalize, by stoking the fire of opposition….. “You can’t jail someone for lying that they own a Lamborghini,” and the rest!

The pleas for a just system to deter breach of trust and sexual exploitation comes from men as well as women and both the straight and gay communities.

I thank each and every supporter!

This post contains some of the countless reasons to create Sexual Assault by Fraud laws across the US and around the globe!

Please raise your voice and add your reasons to the list!

And please sign the Change.Org petition to support the proposed law in New Jersey. Today NJ. Tomorrow, the world!


I have personally been a victim of this and believe that the law needs changing so that offenders receive proper punishment, and that victims receive proper recognition and justice