Dust-Off! Step 5- How to Heal From a Romance Scam!


From now ’til June 15th, Truth in Romance Day, read each crucial step to help romance scam victims reclaim their self-esteem and dignity. Today, we’ll cover the letter “O”.

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Happy healing and happy Truth in Romance Day to all! #TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!

Here’s Step 5……


Outward Bound

Pump up those endorphins! You can begin to feel better and remain committed to ending the relationship by treating yourself to happiness and replacing your sadness with pleasure-producing hormones.

Although it’s tempting to crawl under the covers and isolate yourself, don’t do it! Activity and vigorous exercise can help you manage the physical and emotional effects of withdrawal from a sexual partner as well as enabling your brain to think more positively about your future. You will need a positive outlook to propel yourself through your grief and anger. Treating yourself to activities you enjoy will help you gain balance and perspective.

The abrupt ending of the pleasurable effects of oxytocin and other relationship hormones can cause the victim to crave their connection with the predator. Romantic longing is a chemically induced state that can continue affecting them long after they become aware of the injuries they sustained. Ramping-up endorphin production through exercise can help build the will-power needed to enforce a separation.

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