Dust-Off! Steps 6 & 7- How to Heal From a Romance Scam


Tomorrow is Truth in Romance Day! And this is our final  installment of the Dust-Off Plan for Recovery from a Romance Scam. This last crucial step should have you well on your way to reclaiming your  self-esteem and dignity. We’ll end with the letters “F & F.”

The entire DUST-OFF Plan For Recovery is revealed in  Carnal Abuse by Deceit, How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape. The 2nd edition will be released tomorrow in honor of Truth in Romance Day.

#TruthInRomance Day is even more important than #ValentinesDay!

Family and Friends Can Be Your Best Sources of Support!

When your family and friends are in your corner, they’re your front-line of emotional support! But, unfortunately, when it comes to romance scams, they may simply not understand what you’re going through. They could have been as fooled by the predator as you were, and they may have a tough time letting go of their impressions. They also may not relate to the severity of the pain you feel, owing partially do the scarcity of information that exists on rape by fraud and emotional rape.

There are steps everyone must go through to change the impression they have of another person. The first is disbelief. So keep in mind that when someone you’ve confided in acts like they don’t believe you, they’re in the very first stage of changing their reality. Denial, fear and anger are all part of the process of creating a new awareness.

#MischeleLewis and I at the court house on the day of a Jordan hearing
Mischele and I at the court house on the day of a Jordan hearing

Mischele Lewis, a victim who’d been scammed by William Allen Jordan, a notorious Catfish, had the support of her mother, family, friends, and two authors (including myself) who stood by her side when she reported the scam to the authorities. Not everyone is so fortunate.

There are life rings that are floating in what seems like the dark sea of recovery.

Find other emotional supports if your friends and family don’t seem to be behind you. The internet is loaded with people who have similar issues who can be found on blogs and internet sites, including this one. Reach out. Even when your loved ones give you a hard time, people who’ve walked in your shoes will be happy to help you!

The entire Dust-Off! plan for recovery is included in Carnal Abuse by Deceit. Click the title to purchase your copy. 

2 thoughts on “Dust-Off! Steps 6 & 7- How to Heal From a Romance Scam”

  1. Thank you Joyce! KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. I am on the mend and out the other end, free of the deceit and manipulation. While we who have been hurt and demoralized through Love Fraud and Rape by Fraud (as you have) recover, I want to thank you for your continued efforts to protect and educate the masses, Your work is very important, much needed and extremely helpful to victims of this heinous act of deceit. As I work through my own recovery it is incumbent upon me to thank those who contributed to my understanding of what happened to me. I am getting out, meeting new people, actually went dancing on Sunday (was dragged onto the dance floor by very positive women, which made me feel like a real person, not a victim). Thank you again Joyce!

    1. Bill-

      So glad that you’re on the mend!

      While we’re struggling to regain our dignity, it sometimes seems that we’ll never recover. But knowledge, distance and time are great medicine!

      Huge thanks for your support!

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