A Great Read on Oxytocin- Love Addiction

oxytocin romance obsession

Rachel Sanoff deserves a medal for her article on Bustle! Must reading for everyone who ever wondered why they were stuck like glue into the relationship with a sociopath! Here’s the science behind the obsession!

This article can not only enlighten victims of sex scams, but also the people they count on for support once they uncover that they were betrayed. Society needs to understand the infrastructure of love in order to heal, and lend support to those who are healing.

Here’s the link:

What Happens When You Fall In Love? 8 Surprising Things That Happen To Your Body, Because There’s A Reason That Love Got You Lookin’ So Crazy Right Now



7 thoughts on “A Great Read on Oxytocin- Love Addiction”

  1. I hope this lessens the blame and shame that goes through people’s minds when they deal with sociopathic break ups! It’s so important for them to understand the science behind the blinders they wore while they endured harm.

    More oxytocin = more addicted AND, more apt to be targeted, AND more caring by nature.

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