The Science Behind Love Is Revealed

The Addiction of Romance
The Addiction of Romance

An online resource produced a decisive info-graphic explaining exactly how our brain chemistry  attracts and attaches us to our love interests. It describes everything from the initial secretion of dopamine, at the first instance of attraction, to the production of oxytocin and other neuropeptides and hormones that create long term attraction.  The MyBreast presentation conveys what you’ve seen in Carnal Abuse by Deceit and this blog for the past 3 years!

One of their most interesting findings revealed that these chemical concoctions are so powerful that, even when we consciously know they  are affecting us, we are hamstrung from overriding them.

The MyBreast’s presentation also touched on concepts I’d previously discussed on how people can reel us in through their behavior such as:

  • Mirroring
  • Misattribution Affects
  • Pushing and Pulling (Gain/Loss)

There is a great deal more to the chemistry of love, but it was wonderful to see the science behind the psychology getting coverage in the mainstream press. The Daily Mail also focused on the story. For a far more detailed awareness of how romantic chemistry affects our choices, read Carnal Abuse by Deceit.