Carnal Abuse by Deceit – How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape

#CAD or #CarnalAbuse

He was the man of her dreams all right….. a six foot tall, outrageously handsome, charismatic, charming, and intelligent nightmare!

For a twenty-something back in the early 70’s, there was no literature or common knowledge about character disorder. No one warned that sexual predators could con you without giving off the slightest glimmer of suspicion….. that they have no sense of remorse and can rip your heart and your life to shreds without batting an eye!

Long before #MeToo and #TimesUp placed sexual assault at the forefront of media, Carnal Abuse by Deceit created the conversation about the true meaning of consent. Through its heart wrenching story and analysis, you’ll recognize how devastating being scammed for sex is. And if this unscrupulous crime happened to you, you’ll find the words to express your pain and launch yourself down the road to recovery!

Get it for yourself, and give it to all the nay-sayers in your life that try to invalidate, trivialize, and shame you for being victimized by an unscrupulous CAD.

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2 thoughts on “Carnal Abuse by Deceit – How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape”

  1. I am so glad you made this website. I really want to OUT the fiend who did this to me. He swore up and down he was divorced. He knew I would never date a man who was married. He created a fake divorce decree to prove his ruse. His excuse when I discovered this after he swore undying love and fidelity to me was that sometimes he was “very nefarious”. This fiend really ruined my life years ago. And now he was award a type of humanitarian award in his niche. And going from poverty to being very rich. Completely disgusting to see someone so evil be recognized as “good”

    1. @ INTJ , Your story is awfully similar to mine. Does this man’s name happen to begin with the letter K? I am also happy and proud of the founder, Joyce Short for her passion and dedication to this website. It is because of this website that I have been able to heal and share my story without the shame or guilt. I pray that you too are finding healing and peace. I am here to support you in any way that I can.

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