What’s appropriate sentencing for rape by deception? Not the Gayle Newland case!

Gayle Newland, convicted of rape by deception in Canberra, Australia, was sentenced to 8 years in prison yesterday. The Judge, Roger Dutton, grossly overstepped the bounds of rational judgement to impose harsh retaliation, not justice. Newland is a lesbian. Dutton’s sentence is more severe than those he leveled on pedophiles. 

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Gayle Newland

Rape by Deception is difficult enough for society to understand without judges using it to dump their opposition to the LGBT lifestyle, as reported by Steve Robson in today’s Mirror Online. 

Yes- no one has the right to trick another person into committing a sexual act.
Rape by deception is a gross breach of trust. Both the judge and the jury made that point with this conviction. When you scam or trick someone, you are violating, not seducing the person. But the degree of severity attached to the crime should not be more severe than raping children.
  • Penal code should support the concept that all lies, not just gender lies, are acts of fraud when they usurp a person’s sexual autonomy. If our laws made that concept clear, if people truly understood that no one should trick another person into sex, these cases would not be singled out for their LGBT association, and society would get a better grip on the problem.
  • Judge Roger Dutton
    Judge Roger Dutton- Dutton certainly seems to be penalizing Gayle Newland’s sexual preference, not simply the actions for which she was convicted.

    Sexual Assault by Fraud is not an “aggravated” form of rape. In all criminal cases, violent crimes are more harshly dealt with than cases where no violence or threat of violence occurs. Loss of property through a violent attack is punished to a higher degree than loss of property without physical violence or the threat of physical violence. The same should hold true of violent rape and rape by non-violent means. By doing so, society would become aware that rape is not necessarily a violent act, and that breaches of trust are egregious offenses … just not as egregious as violent ones.

Sentences that make sense
The punishment for one count of a first-time conviction on sexual assault by fraud should be 6 months to 2 years imprisonment, and a fine of up to $10,000. The fine, which should be used to compensate the victim, (who is likely to need therapy,) should be increased for multiple counts.
Stiffer sentencing for repeat offenders
A second conviction should warrant a 5 year imprisonment along with additional fines. And an incorrigible predator, who refuses to relent, like William Allen Jordan, should be sent to jail for 20 years. They simply can’t be trusted to do no harm to society.
I sincerely hope Newland’s sentence is reduced upon appeal.

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