Are you a NY Senior who’s been Catfished?

#selfhelp for relationships with a sociopath

Tomorrow is an important day for CATFISH PROFILE SURVIVORS in NY!

The NY State Assembly Standing Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection, along with the Assembly Standing Committee on Aging and the Subcommittee on Consumer Fraud Protection, are holding a public hearing on scams against seniors.

You don’t have to guess twice about what I’ll be addressing! 

Catfish profiles, fictitious dating or other profiles that scam victims for sex, assets, and marriage/immigration fraud, are an epidemic! And I have a few remedies that I’ll be suggesting. I’ll be posting my testimony here, tomorrow, after I deliver it at the hearing. Hopefully, I’ll be speaking to address the Assembly Members present. At the least, I’ll be providing written testimony.

I intend to submit the tales of people who’ve fallen prey to Catfish Profilers here in NY State. This is an opportunity to turn your travail into something that can benefit others. So please, if this happened to you, contact me right away.

The media is interested in covering this story. I’m looking for victims who would speak to the press. Your identity can be hidden. Please let me know if you’d like this opportunity to do so.

Tomorrow, I’ll let you know how you can see the video of the hearing.