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Gad Saad- You can’t be both- New Basher List

There are two kinds of people in the world- sexually honest ones and sexual liars.

Liars don’t lie all the time….  just when you have something they want, and they won’t get it unless they mislead you. That’s robbery by fraud if it’s an asset, and sexual assault by fraud if it’s your body. They can turn their deceit off and on at will. Continue reading Gad Saad- You can’t be both- New Basher List

Guilty of sexual assault by fraud in Australia!

Guilty of #rapebyfraud
Billy Tamawiwy

Canberra, Australia, Sept 25th- Found guilty of Sexual Intercourse Without Consent! The Canberra Times


ACT News reports: Tamawiwy sentenced to close to 5 years for rape by fraud!

Justice Richard Refshauge on Wednesday, (11/11/2015,) sentenced Tamawiwy to four years and 10 months’ jail, with a non-parole period of two years and two months.

Tamawiwy is likely to be deported to Indonesia once he’s released.

Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/man-who-used-fake-female-facebook-profile-in-rape-sentenced-to-almost-five-years-20151111-gkw8wg.html#ixzz3rJqgzBDW
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Billy Tamawiwy was declared guilty today on charges that he used deceit to obtain consent to sex from a teen aged boy. His elaborate hoax included alcohol and pretending he was a woman. Seems he told the victim that having sex with him was a requirement to having Continue reading Guilty of sexual assault by fraud in Australia!

It’s Not a Crime to be Gullible

#GayleNewland #KyeFortune in #RapebyFraud Case

Gayle Newland- Kye Fortune and Rape by Fraud

Twenty-five year old Gayle Newland of Willaston, Cheshire UK, will be sentenced in November for three sexual assault charges. She created a catphish profile of Kye Fortune, a young man who’d undergone serious medical treatments that had disfigured his body. “He” requested that his victim, a woman who’d engaged in a two Continue reading It’s Not a Crime to be Gullible

Love you….. and your country! #MarriageFraud

marriage fraud for immigration

Marriage fraud for immigration is a heartbreaking con! Foreigners use it to shortcut access and citizenship… often to the US or Canada. Do the authorities step in to remove them when the fraud is reported? Of course not!

Trespass over a border…. it’s a quick trip back to your homeland. Trespass into someone’s life, no problem! Dennis McIntyre learned the hard way! Continue reading Love you….. and your country! #MarriageFraud

Catfish, Sociopath or Scammer? Kaitlin’s CAD TALE


He’s just a scammer, not  a sociopath! You know…. a catfish con artist. Other than that, he’s a nice guy? Right?

Yup- that’s what the police officer told one recent victim when she described her harrowing run-in with the heartless con artist who defrauded her of sex, love and assets. I’ll call her Kaitlin.

Kaitlin met her Romeo, Kenneth, at work. He was the technologist Continue reading Catfish, Sociopath or Scammer? Kaitlin’s CAD TALE