Brazil- More Progressive on Rape by Fraud Than the US

Arrested for Rape by Fraud- Jaoa de Deus

Yesterday, a self-proclaimed psychic healer and “medium” was locked up for raping at least one, and possibly hundreds of victims by fraud. Joao Teixeira de Faria, also known as Joao De Deus and “John of God,” allegedly preyed on hundreds of women who visited his retreat in the small town of Abadiania, just a few miles from Brasilia. Ten of his followers have stepped forward with complaints. More are expected to follow.

His psychic powers were so legendary, even Oprah Winfrey interviewed him in 2013, and witnessed him conducting “psychic surgeries.” The Mayor of his town is concerned over the negative impact his arrest will have on tourism since his retreat, Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola, brought in 10,000 travelers per month. Authorities expect to charge Faria with sexual violation through fraud, rape, and statutory rape.

Faria is accused of luring victims into his bathroom under the pretext of treatment. Once inside he groped their breasts, forced oral sex and penetrated them. His victims believed he was conducting a ritual that would relieve them of their suffering. He also conducted “surgeries” by forcing a scissors deeply into his victims’ nasal cavities without the aid of anesthesia.

Brazil’s statutes prohibit sexual abuse in which the victim is prevented from expressing their free will. Brazil’s law makers are apparently far more enlightened than the lawmakers of Indiana about the meaning of “free will.” Indiana recently failed to support the right to free will of Abigail Finney when nineteen year old Purdue University student, Donald Grant Ward, slipped into the bed where she slept, pretended to be her boyfriend, and engaged her in sex.

Ward was arrested and acquitted. His record was expunged. By contrast, Faria is likely to be convicted and sentenced for a term of between two and six years.

It would truly be great if Oprah, who aided this man in making a name for himself, would throw her weight behind ending the scourge of rape by fraud that violates countless victims right here in the US, and help enlighten society about what consent really is… Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement #FGKIA!

You can help support new laws on all types of sexual assaults, including rape by fraud, simply by watching this TEDx Talk and sharing it with everyone you know!  And by reading Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Fight for Consent Laws today! #FGKIA