Your Consent

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Did you know that no state or territory of the US actually defines consent in their laws. 76% don’t even include a consent provision. The 24% that contain consent provisions use language that can actually blame the victim and make a sexual assault impossible to successfully prosecute.

#MeToo and #TimesUp have focused a glaring light on sexual assault. While they’ve raised awareness, they’re a movement in desperate need of a solution. Properly defining consent in our laws is the critical key!

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Your Consent conveys exactly what YOU can do to make a difference, how you can do it, and why you should. Indiana State Representative Sally Siegrist calls Your Consent “The primer on defining consent.”

Your Consent explains the distinction between the three types of  agreement: consent, assent and acquiescence, and reveals the problems with the laws on consent from state to state.

Your Consent- The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

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Defining "consent" in our laws will make the world a safer place!

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