Your Consent


Your Consent-

The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault


Did you know that 76% of the states and territories of the US do not define CONSENT in their laws? And the 24% that define consent use language that can actually make a sexual assault the fault of the victim?

#MeToo and #TimesUp have focused a glaring light on sexual assault. While they’ve raised awareness, they’re a movement in desperate need of a solution. Properly defining consent in our laws is a critical key!

Every state across the United States has different laws on sexual assault. This confusion and the lack of a proper, consistent definition for consent contributes to rape. YOU can help change that!

Your Consent- The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault is a quick read in PDF format. It explains exactly what YOU can do to make a difference, how  you can do it, and why you should. The price of $6.50 helps fight for consent laws around the world and any additional contribution you make will be gratefully appreciated!

Learn how CONSENT is defined where you live!

Get your copy of  

Your Consent- The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

Help put an end to sexual assault and rape so that you, your children and your children’s children can live in a safer world!


Here’s how to secure your copy: 

  1. Make your payment through the PayPal Payment Link.  (To add an additional contribution, simply adjust the PayPal amount.)
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3. Watch the TEDxTAlk: When YES Means NO, the Truth About Consent. “Like” it. Comment on it.  Share it with everyone you know!

Fight for Consent Laws today! #FGKIA








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