UK’s Extreme Solution to Combat Sex Crimes


Cited as “Draconian but necessary,” a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) was recently issued against 44 year old UK electrician, Geoffrey Ball. Ball had been found guilty of sexual offenses toward women and is no longer allowed to have a relationship of any sort with a woman, without express permission by the police.

Such orders should be available to US authorities in order to prevent repeat offenders such as William Allen Jordan from continued sexual misconduct. Like Ball, Jordan was convicted of multiple offenses. He served sentences in the UK for bigamy and sexual misconduct against a minor. He was subsequently convicted in New Jersey for defrauding a victim of $4,300 in a catfish romance scam.

Ball, whose first conviction dates back to 1989 subsequently served a 4 year sentence in 2010 for grievous bodily harm and was placed on the UK’s sex offender list in 2010. Undeterred, he scammed multiple women by charming them with romance. He located his victims through the internet.

Police claimed that during an arrest, Ball said, “When I get out, I’ll do it over and over again.” The order was issued by District Judge Martin Walker. According to the Mirror, it states:

“The defendant must not have or enter into any friendship, or sexual or physical relationship with any female without first notifying a police at risk management officer within the public protection unit or equivalent.”

The order prevents Ball from using any internet dating sites, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. If you locate him on any such site, report him, immediately, to the authorities in Teesides Magistrates Court.

The SHPO was issued for an indefinite period which could last Ball’s entire lifetime, and calls for his name to continue on the sex offender registry, although it was originally slated to be removed in 2017.


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  1. Thank you Joyce! I posted this on my John Wilson Fraudulent Acts Of Pure Evil sight. I wrote: Please send this to everyone you know. This is amazing and the only way to stop these unimaginable crimes and the evil vile monster’s who put us through HELL. Joyce it’s so hard for people in our state of New Jersey to implement something like this because they make too many excuses for these monsters. I am suffering the rest of my life because I did the same thing with making excuses for things I couldn’t comprehend and understand. I believe shows like Dr. Phil and other ones like this could educate us instead of sensatonalizing and making a mockery out of these crimes for ratings and greed. God Bless You

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