Guilty of sexual assault by fraud in Australia!

Guilty of #rapebyfraud
Billy Tamawiwy

Canberra, Australia, Sept 25th- Found guilty of Sexual Intercourse Without Consent! The Canberra Times


ACT News reports: Tamawiwy sentenced to close to 5 years for rape by fraud!

Justice Richard Refshauge on Wednesday, (11/11/2015,) sentenced Tamawiwy to four years and 10 months’ jail, with a non-parole period of two years and two months.

Tamawiwy is likely to be deported to Indonesia once he’s released.

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Billy Tamawiwy was declared guilty today on charges that he used deceit to obtain consent to sex from a teen aged boy. His elaborate hoax included alcohol and pretending he was a woman. Seems he told the victim that having sex with him was a requirement to having sex with the woman named Tayla Edwards, who he pretended to be in a fictitious Facebook profile. He claimed he did so,  “So he knows how to treat girls, not like sluts and stuff. I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Yup- reality can be stranger than fiction!

While we can scratch our heads thinking “whatever could have motivated the victim?” the reality is that Tamawiwy lied. And the charges against him rested entirely on the fact that his lies “negated” the consent he was given. The jury concurred.

Consistent with those who oppose the enactment of sexual assault by fraud laws, the defense attorney likened  the offense to a cheating husband promising his mistress that he’ll leave his wife if they have sex. “If the woman gave consent,” he stated, “then it was not negated simply because the husband didn’t follow through on his promise.”

Guess the attorney learned differently! Promising your mistress you’ll leave your wife, when you have no intention of doing so- in order to induce sex- is fraud! (And No- I’m not condoning adultery!)

The Prosecutor, Trent Hickey, argued the definition of a “promise,” stating that a person must have the capacity and intention to deliver a promise, for it to be defined as such. The fictitious Ms. Edwards never existed, therefore, Tamawiwy’s “promise” was simply a lie.

Guess the defense attorney and Tamawiwy found out the hard way!

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