Free.. from rape…. at last?


My wish for every rape by fraud victim, as we celebrate the independence that set our country free, is freedom from the pervasive bondage of defilement that binds hearts and impedes souls.

Along with millions of viewers, I stood totally humbled and mesmerized as the Grucci family and Macy’s lit up Manhattan’s skies last night in the celebration of our independence. Yet a large portion of my surrounding society fails to recognize that scamming for sex is a devastating, sexual violation.

NYC Fireboat Heralding Fireworks July 4, 2015
NYC Fireboat Heralding Fireworks July 4, 2015

Our democratic principles, which we celebrate today, insure that the beliefs of the majority guide our collective laws. I hope the enlightenment my book, these pages, and the works of others contribute, provides sufficient enlightenment to turn the tide. Doing so requires reaching a significant enough portion of our population to cause a majority shift in how rape is perceived. I implore upon you to help make that difference!

Socrates was put to death for exposing the beliefs we hold dear in today’s world. What sufficed as doctrine in years gone by has proven to be folly. I hope the concept that it’s okay to scam people into sex meets the same fate.

I pray that on this day in which we celebrate the processes of democracy, that we can count on people to exponentially spread the ideals that will undermine rape in our country and raise common sense and decency to a higher plane.

No one should ever be defiled in the name of seduction; not here in the US, or anywhere around the world.



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