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The Best of #SexFraud Ignorance From Around the Globe!


Society’s Cockeyed Sense of Sexual Exploitation

Here are some recent comments I’ve received or seen, on global internet sites and discussion boards, that evidence the total confusion of society over what constitutes sexual assault by fraud and why it’s a crime. My response, when I feel a response is warranted, follows the question in italics. 


So if a woman has fake boobs, I think that should be a “crime on par with rape”. After all, we are all equal under the law, and if a woman lies, she may be GUILTY of a class A Misdemeanor….

Really? On what planet?


So if a man tells you he only dates natural blondes (wants kids one day with blonde hair) and you lie about dying your hair and say you are a natural blonde, that is ok? In looking for a potential mate, it is ok to lie about your physical characteristics? Seriously? They only true reason to have sex is to pass on genes to children, but it is ok to lie about your genes? Lie about your income and it is rape though? You people are crazy.

I support your law, so long as it is truly fair. Which means women don’t get to lie about their appearance anymore. Since that will never happen, I label you all hypocrites.

Lying about your genes is not ok Jason.


Your comparing rape to a fraudulent car sale… your absolutely INSANE! My guess is that youve been hurt by men in the past, maybe you should sell some of the cats you own, or possibly stop dating idiots… either way, maybe your meant to be alone…

Analogies may be tough for a person who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. You seem to lack compassion and it’s clouding your judgement.


By these standards EVERY woman wearing makeup is a RAPIST.
Boob-job? Rapist!!!!
Fake nails? RAPIST!!!!
Lies about her age? RAPIST!!!!!!

This is the FSA (the FUKED up States of America)

Gee, isn’t Leftism, Statism, Feminism fun?
(No. No it isnt.)

Neither is ignorance. It’s sad.

Use your eyes, that’s why God gave them to you. If her appearance without enhancements is important to you, ask her to take them off BEFORE you engage in sex. And the same is true on both sides of the gender aisle.

Henry Hub:

So if some little gold-digger is on the hunt for a rich guy to support her for the rest of her life engages in sex with some guy because he’s rich and later finds out he’s not, it’s rape. This is the most ludicrous thing I ever heard! You people need to get back in touch with reality LOL.

How ’bout changing reality so people don’t get harmed?

Britain Bush

My point exactly. It’s not a big deal. Get over it. We don’t need to prosecute people for silly lies.

Except when “silly lies” rape people. An easy, convenient triviality to the offender can have a major impact on the victim’s life. We’re talking about penetrating their sex organs based on a triviality to the offender. How dismissive of the victim’s right to self determination can you get? If it’s so minor, don’t do it! 


There was a time when having sex with someone for financial gain was called prostitution. Are we turning intimacy into a putocartic commodity now? This bill should be called the Jersey Whore Act.

Many of the hoaxes created in internet dating are not only for the purpose of defrauding someone for sex, but as a means to scam them for money as well. The scammer is, indeed, a prostitute, whether male or female. When you’re having sex with a prostitute, don’t you think you’re entitled to know?


I told a chick that I drove a Ferrari and she immediately wanted to have sex with me. Afterwards we were sitting on the couch and she asks “Can you give me a ride home now? It’s getting kinda late.” and my roommate heard her and responded “On what, his bike??” Her jaw immediately dropped and she looked at me and I told her “yea it’s true, I only drive a bicycle.” I couldn’t stop laughing. It was terrific.

Could you be more of a jerk if you tried? Nope, I don’t think so!! But, unfortunately, what you are bragging about would constitute a “he said, she said,” and lack sufficient evidence to be prosecuted. And jumping into the sack with you without any attempt at discovery of the facts is just plain irresponsible behavior that does not warrant a case.

RB Joe

In the end people lie to themselves and believe what they want to believe.

Hmmm… Except when they’re deliberately lied to!

Mens Rights Movement

Lies by members of privileged gender is legal, moral and good… when the man lies, he is a rapist!!! We are living in an anti-men society. Such society cannot be corrected unless Men organize themselves for their rights and fair society.

Ghheez- What about Gender Neutral do you not understand?


This is just more evidence that feminism is a mental disorder. The feminist movement is a vile, disgusting communist/globalist front with the intent of driving a wedge between men and women, undermining the traditional institution of marriage, destroying families, and collapsing our culture. It is an unnatural and perverse philosophy that is gnawing at and corrupting the hearts and minds of both women and men in our society.

No comment.

Anyone who has more ridiculous objections to add, or spots an outrageous comment from elsewhere, is invited to post it below.