3 Roadblocks that Prevent Prosecution for Sexual Assault

Hurdling the road blocks

None of the states or territories of the US properly define “consent” in their laws. 76% of the states and territories of the US have NO provisions for consent in their penal code. 24% have provisions that poorly define consent and only make prosecution possible in a small amount of cases. Here are the three largest obstructions that keep lawmakers from adopting correct consent laws, right out of their own mouths:

1. “Our laws can’t be changed because minorities do not want expanded penal code. Minorities fear that penal code unfairly penalizes minority males.”

– Solution: Our lawmakers should not be ignoring the defilement of victims because of their poor ability to regulate the justice system. They must fix the justice system, not ignore crime! And, btw, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics tells us that in 63% of rapes against women aged 18 to 24, the offenders are white males.

2. “If sexual assault laws were actually based on consent, our courts would be overrun with sexual assault cases.”

– Solution: Baseless claim. Laws will hold people accountable and change their behavior. Society will find a “new normal” for conducting sex- one that respects personal autonomy.

3. “If we supported adopting consent into our laws, we would lose the constituent base who elected us.”

– Solution: What a sad commentary on both the morals of society as well as the legislators who feel this way! Legislators need to stand up for decency. They must demonstrate what leadership means instead of capitulating to immorality!

Getting down to basics

No one can argue what consent really is…..



 No one can argue that sexual conduct without consent is a sexual assault. We need our law makers to stop being driven by the ignorance, greed and the shameful resignation that enables rape to take place day after harm-producing day.

You can make a difference!

If you are hearing my voice, please pick up the phone and tell the candidate you’re voting for:

“I will only vote for you if you make the effort to recognize and enact the accurate definition for CONSENT into law! This is how I spell CONSENT……#F-G-K-I-A!

Please share this TEDx Talk with everyone you know and ask them to do the same! It will open people’s eyes!


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Your Consent

The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault

2 thoughts on “3 Roadblocks that Prevent Prosecution for Sexual Assault”

  1. One of the major obstacles is in my opinion that police departments don’t know what they are really dealing with when someone reports a rape. They don’t realize the trauma the woman has just endured. Instead they just brush it off and hope she goes away. That needs to change. Maybe a woman police officer should be designated to be the first person that the victim has to report this horrible sexual assault to. Maybe a female will feel more compassion. Good work Joyce as always

    1. Not only should the victim have the right to report the crime to a female officer, we need female legislators who will undertake to get laws enacted that correctly define consent so that every sexual assault can be prosecuted!

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