Convicted! Mario Antoine- Sex Scammer!

Mario Antoine- locked up for 10 years!

On Friday, 5/12/17, in Kansas City MO, Mario  Antoine, sex scammer, pleaded guilty. Both his and the federal attorney agreed to a sentence of 10 years, as he pleaded guilty to wire fraud and avoided up to 60 years confinement on all charges.

Antoine induced women into sex by claiming to audition them as porn stars. Although he’d admitted to victimizing 10 or more women, information I’d received stated that over 30 women actually came forward once the charges became public.

The Federal Prosecutor referred to Antoine as a “serial rapist,” yet even though rape by deception is second degree rape in Kansas City, the SVU Prosecutor, Jill Icenhower, filed no charges, whatsoever, in this case.

In addition to inducing sex by deception, Antoine silenced his victims by a practice gaining recognition as “sextortion.” He threatened to release, and in some cases, actually released the porn videos he’d taken to friends, family, and employers.

If ever a case underscored the need to standardize the meaning of “consent” throughout society, this is it! Consent means “freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement,” not just “agreement.”


In the indictment the prosecutor wrote to lock up Antoine, she included the fact that he’d read this blog. She was incensed that he’d done so and learned how damaging his behavior was for the victim, yet he proceeded never-the-less. In an interview with the Kansas City Star, she referred to Antoine as a “serial rapist.”  But even though “rape by deception” is 2nd degree rape in Kansas City MO, no criminal rape charges were filed.

You can make a difference! 

Write to or call Jill Icenhower, the SVU Prosecutor in Kansas City. Tell her how important this issue is to you and that you are astonished that she is sitting on her hands instead of charging a serial rapist for his crimes!

#JillIcenhower passes the buck on #MarioAntoine case
Jill Icenhower, Chief SVU Trial Attorney, Kansas City MO

Jill Icenhower:  816-512-8200, 415 E 12th St, Ste #7M, Kansas City, MO 64106

Her failure to prosecute rape by deception under presently existing code sets a terrible precedent for society.

Can a book or a blog make a difference?

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Learn why this crime should be outlawed in every state and around the world!


5 thoughts on “Convicted! Mario Antoine- Sex Scammer!”

  1. This is stupid. He didn’t commit rape. If someone offers me 10 thousand dollars to commit murder, if it’s not in me to murder, it won’t matter if it’s a scam, because it’s not part of my character. I always had the option to say no.

    I can’t say that I’m not at fault simply because I was offered money. See what I’m saying? Likewise these girls had the option of saying no. It was their greed and willingness to be prostitutes that did them in. They are not victims. The extortion is a separate matter.

    1. In the state of Missouri, sex by deception is second degree rape. You are just plain wrong.

      Read the law:

      No matter what motivates the victim, the behavior of the offender is what makes a crime a crime. The victims were coerced by lies. They were deceived into sex. No one has the right to undermine your self determination over your reproductive organs by deceiving you.

      1. Im not talking about what’s legal or illegal. I’m saying that if the girls weren’t greedy enough to sell themselves for money,this would be a non issue. He made an offer, no one forced them to accept said offer. It may meet a legal definition of rape, but it isn’t real rape.

        If a woman promised to have sex with a man if he paid her car note and he pays her note and then she renigs on her promise to have sex, should she be brought up on grand theft or larceny charges? And let’s assume that she has no means of paying the money back.

        1. Frank- You are truly humorous! Rape is illegal, and should be. There is no “real rape” and not real rape, just like you can’t be just a little bit pregnant. Sex without consent is rape…. period!

          In your analogy, she should be brought up on fraud charges,

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