#Stealthing Lacks Consent!

Recent news coverage casts a huge light on “Stealthing;” stripping off the condom during intercourse, without the partner’s consent.

From the Huffington Post to Fox News and beyond, articles are popping up across the media landscape, and all exemplify why broadcasting the actual meaning of  “consent” is so vital! 

From the Huffington Post:

The study, written by Alexandra Brodsky for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, features interviews with victims of stealthing. Brodsky also does a deep dive into the online world of men who feel entitled to “bareback” sex without their partner’s consent, regardless of that partner’s gender.

From Fox News:

“Even though it’s really bad, I don’t think it’s rape because you did give consent,” said sophomore Imani Adams.

“I wouldn’t put it in the category of rape, but I do think that it is a violation of a woman’s privacy,” said sophomore Marcellis Wilburn.

From 10 News in TampaBay:

The (Columbia) study also pointed to online forums. Men, bragging about stealthing. How to get away with it. Even suggesting it’s their right to, “spread one’s seed”.

Why it’s rape……..

Imani Adams clearly demonstrates a common misconception about consent. She confuses the term “consent” with the term “agreement.” She simply lacks awareness that consent is a special type of agreement. It’s “freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement. (FGKIA). Just because you agree, or assent to something, does not mean you are consenting to it. In fact saying a person “consents” when they are not knowledgeable and informed, is an oxymoron!

Marcellis Wilburn simply does not know that, as the “ItsOnUs” Pledge clearly states, NON-CONSENSUAL SEX is a SEXUAL ASSAULT!

People who think it’s their right to “spread their seed” don’t have the right to ejaculate it into an unknowing victim.

How can we stop stealthing?

Your Consent - The Key to Conquering Sexual AssaultSimple….. pass the law contained in “Your consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault”  to prevent all forms of sexual assault by fraud, deception or false pretense!

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