Rape by Fraud Goes Prime Time! Law & Order


Addendum: For anyone who missed the airing on Wednesday, here’s the link!


I almost fell off my chair!

After advocating for almost four years to bring sexual assault by fraud out of the darkness…. there’s a prime time light at the end of that cavernous and lonely tunnel!

I was home relaxing and watching tv. Vice President Biden appeared on this week’s Law & Order and the episode was compelling, but it’s what came afterward that was such a shock! The trailer announced that next week’s episode will address, “If someone lies to have sex with you, is it a crime?”

Only assess and con artists confuse ASSent with CONsent!
Only assess and con artists confuse ASSent with CONsent!

I’m hoping for the best!

  • I’m hoping that the writers are aware that CONSENT and AGREEMENT are not the same word, and that consent is “knowledgeable and informed agreement,” not simply “agreement.”
  • I hope they understand that even police, prosecutors, judges and victims, themselves, are often confused by this concept.
  • I hope those writers realize that ASSENT is “agreement on the face of it” and does not carry the weight of consent. Assenting to sex (which is what happens when you’re fooled) and consenting to sex are not the same.
  • I hope those writers realize that any claim to “consent” while treacherously undermining a target’s knowledge and information, is an oxymoron. Consent can’t happen when the victim’s self determination over their reproductive organs is clouded by lies, and that sexual exploitation, not seduction is taking place.

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  1. I was watching last week as well. Can’t wait to see it tonight! Love the new name of your book!

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