Penalties- What should they be?


Nothing compares to the terror of violent rape. But victims of rape by fraud suffer debilitating loss of self esteem, problems with trust, fear and humiliation. This crime should not go unpunished or unrecognized! Here are my recommendations for penalty:


Class E Felony punishable by 0-4 years of incarceration. The minimum sentence should be as follows: 


Sex Offender List: Two Years

Society needs protection from the exploits of the offender. The victim has been sexually assaulted and their psyche will undergo considerable turmoil to recover their dignity and self esteem.  A reasonable amount of time in therapy will be two years. The offender should be cognizant of the harm they created for that same period and suffer a loss of face for the period. Therefore, they should be required to register as a sex offender for two years.

Fine: $25,000.00

  • Therapy: The cost for therapy should be borne by the offender for the two year period. A reasonable expense for that therapy would be $20,000.00; therefore, they should pay a fine in the amount of the therapy  the victim needs.
  • Education: No one can teach another human being to have emotional empathy. It is a condition, and either you have it or you don’t. However, enlightening the offender regarding the laws of “consent” and misuse of the “laws of attraction” will enable them to grasp how they should conduct themselves in the future.  The offender should bare the cost of education in the amount of $5,000.

 Community Service:

The offender committed a crime, and all crimes are not only committed against the victim, but also, against the state.  For the two year period, they should be required to conduct strenuous community service.

Child Support and Custody

No victim of sexual assault by fraud should ever be forced to conduct ongoing contact with their rapist. All cases in which a pregnancy resulted from sexual assault by fraud should require appropriate financial child support by the offender. Full custody should be awarded to the victim and the offender should be granted limited and tightly supervised visitation.


Two to five years of incarceration. Appropriate fines, education and Sex Offender Registry.

  • All repeat offenses should be treated as “aggravated.”
  • All cases in which the offender committed additional crimes against the victim such as grand theft, credit card fraud, theft by fraud or immigration fraud should be treated as “aggravated.”


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6 thoughts on “Penalties- What should they be?”

  1. Are you even serious? So you want to ruin the life of a person who overstated their life’s situation to get into your pants? Are you just making this ploy as an attempt to get back for your naivety for being stupid and believing them? You’re more of a monster than the perpetrator. Charging a person with a felony because they lied to get into the sack with you. Where is your culpability? How about taking responsibility for your actions too and stop playing the victim card. You weren’t raped, you were duped. This is such an insult and a black eye to the real victims of sexual assault. All this does is water down the real crime of rape. Instead of spearheading this campaign and using hours upon hours to get this started, how about taking that kind of effort and utilizing it on something that is valid; real rape and sexual assault.

    1. Nathan-

      It’s obvious that you have a rape mentality and that YOU do not have the slightest concept of what RAPE is. Not every rape is the result of force. Force is harassment or assault. Only when force is used to undermine a person’s self determination over their reproductive organs does harassment or assault become rape or sexual assault.

      No one should ever have to apologize for being a trusting human being. Where is your morality??? There are unscrupulous, vicious people in the world who deliberately misuse the trust they build to harm others. Trust is a normal characteristic of moral human beings. The victim owes NO APOLOGY for being harmed. Your concept is absurd!

      You have the uncanny idea that force is the only way a person’s self determination over their reproductive organs can be achieved. You are totally off-base. There are many. Here are a few-

      When the victim is too young to consent, even if they assent, because they have not yet achieved the age of “reason.” as determined by their state.

      When the person has a mental defect, even if they assent, because that defect impairs their ability to reason.

      When a person is lied to by someone they trust, even if they assent, because that person has deliberately clouded their ability to reason by their lies.

      Sexual Assault by Fraud is REAL RAPE. It is not VIOLENT RAPE but the victim feels totally defiled in the same way they would in other forms of non-violent rape. A person does not have to be conscious to be raped. “Yes” can mean “no” when the offender deliberately overrides objection by illegitimate or untrue seduction devices.

      Anyone who is tricked into sex is raped.

  2. Oh Joyce, how I wish this was a reality! I was a “rape by fraud” victim-and now raise his two children with no financial support from him…PLUS, share custody and ongoing contact. I have been through a year of intense therapy, and now my kids receive ongoing therapy (which I pay for). These fraudulent people should be held accountable! Right now, what I see is a system rewarding these people, and minimizing the destruction they leave in their paths.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope you’ll help get the law passed in your state! What state do you live in?

      It’s going to take considerable effort to bring about change. We need victims to come forward from every state who will fight for legislation in their jurisdiction. We need for everyone to promote the same language for the law, and I’ve written my new book to create that common language.

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