Beware NJ! Mass. rape case Dr. has moved to your state!

Ho Yin (Aaron) Shiu- arrested for indecent assault and rape
Ho Yin (Aaron) Shiu- arrested for indecent assault and rape

A hearing related to a rape case will go before the courts of Massachusetts on April 27th.

Dr. Ho Yin “Aaron” Shiu, a U Mass spine doctor who took a Hippocratic oath to do no harm is on trial for sexually assaulting his 42 year old, female patient. Shiu, a graduate of Rutgers University who practiced at U Mass Hospital and AdCare, was charged in Worcester MA with indecent  assault and battery and rape. His attorney’s defense strategy? There was no force; “fraud is not force.” And the victim did not resist. 

By filing such a defense,” Shiu’s attorney admits that fraud, in fact, was used to exploit the woman’s reproductive organs as part of a “so called” medical examination. Shiu is accused of inserting his finger into the woman’s genitals without a valid medical reason and without rubber gloves, as well as inappropriately rubbing her breasts.

According to, this current case is not the only one against Dr. Shiu.  An additional victim has stepped forward with similar claims. The State Board of Registration of Massachusetts came to a disciplinary agreement with Dr. Shiu that prevents him from practicing medicine in the state. He has since moved to New Jersey where he is not prohibited from doing so.

The laws in the state of Massachusetts, and any other state that fails to prosecute such behavior, are archaic.

Simply put, all rape law should state that all forms of exploitation of a person’s reproductive organs is a sexual assault, also known as rape. Rape occurs when an offender uses any means to vitiate the knowing consent of the victim regarding their genitals, whether by violence, drugs, intoxication, by virtue of age or mental condition, or by treachery.

Massachusetts failed to pass a rape by fraud law

In 2008, an attempt to create a rape by fraud law was introduced in MA by Representative Peter Koutoujian. It didn’t pass. That was a huge mistake which left victims susceptible to defilement.

All sexual penetration requires an element of force.

An appendage does not enter anyone’s genitals without some element of force. And in most states such force is sufficient to constitute rape charges when the victim has not consented to the act. Further, the expectation that the victim must either fight or flee flies in the face of findings support by the US Justice Department that approximately 50% of rape victims freeze.

People of New Jersey, BEWARE! 

Author’s note: All efforts to enlighten society about the scourge of sexual assault by fraud are supported by the sale of “Carnal Abuse by Deceit.” Please purchase your copy today! 

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  1. I hope justice will prevail with this case. Rape victims need more justice and less rapists getting no punishment.

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