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  1. Having been in a fake relationship with a man that lasted for over a year, I can attest to how devastating it is when you realize the whole thing was a hoax.He never was that sexy, passionate, romantic Italian lover. He never was that entrepreneur that is going to make it big again. You actually don’t know where he really lives, how old he is, where he was born, and how many aliases he has had. It’s all a part of an elaborate scheme to defraud you of money in most situations. It was devastating to lose the money, but it was more devastating that it was loaned to him under false pretenses. I loaned it to him to save his life. Then, you realize the person you fell in love with, never existed, that it was all a big scheme to defraud you. Your heart is broken. Dreams of a life together are shattered. It’s very cruel. On top of that, you realize that when you ‘made love,’ he was plotting on taking your money. It’s evil.It was like having a fling with a serial killer, but I just didn’t know it at the time.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about the losses you endured!

      People who haven’t experienced this defilement are often insensitive to it. Hopefully, by sharing your information, more readers will understand. In your case, you were defrauded both of money and sex. I think people would be even more enlightened by knowing which was more devastating to you and why.

      Huge thanks!

    2. This is a reply to Joyce’s comment, ….. “which was more devastating — being defiled of sex or money?”

      The sexual violation is definitely worse than the financial fraud. To realize that this man is a complete impostor and used sex and romance in order to gain my trust so that he could later defraud me of money, is deplorable. Who knows who this man is? It’s really quite scary.

      He broke my spirit, but only for awhile. After the betrayal, I longed for the sweet thought that he loved me. Then I realized that spiritual aspect of the relationship was only in my mind and that this criminal was only after me for money he could steal from me.

      After the betrayal, there is such a profound sense of emptiness when you realize it was all fake. There is no closure. You can’t retaliate against the mystery man, the con man, that disappears from your life. You don’t know where he lives or what he actually does. All you know is that you were taken to the dark side.

      1. Society needs more awareness about the devastation these hoaxes cause for the victim. Thanks for enlightening us about your painful journey. I’m sincerely hoping for justice for you!


  2. This truly reflects the kind of man he is himself, and sadly, a reflection of what society finds acceptable. It isn’t okay and will never be okay. It has been devastating for me.

  3. The comment by the ‘former prosecutor’ is ignorant and deplorable. It says it all about what kind of ‘man’ he is — he’s not a man at all. His frat-boy mentality speaks of his rank immaturity and his utter lack of character.

    And this: “But should we make that a criminal act when the only thing hurt R feelings?” This statement confirms the tweeter is a troll.

    Ignore, and move on with your agenda. There will always be misogynists out there, to varying extremes. That’s why you do what you do, Joyce. We need laws to reign in this pervasive ‘boys will be boys’ attitude, and worse. We’re not talking about the good men — we’re talking about the jackasses (assholes, misogynists, psychopaths, etc.) that good men (and women, who would never fall for these scumbags if they didn’t lie) can’t stand.

    Who lies to ‘get ass?’

    A F**KING LOSER, that’s who.

  4. And one more classic, ignorant statement:

    “@jm_short Should folks lie? Absolutely not. But should we make that a criminal act when the only thing hurt R feelings? Again absolutely not”

    What about- sexually penetrating a person when you don’t have consent- does this guy not understand? Hurt feelings? This is typical of people who simply don’t grasp the violation perpetrated in non-consensual sex!

    If he was defrauded of money, he’d know he didn’t give consent. But defraud a woman of sex……. it’s just hurt feelings.

    Would you say this guy lacks emotional empathy?

    1. Here in lies the twistedness of people who think like Marc: we value money and financial gain more than we value preserving the sacredness of a person’s being. To describe a woman as ONLY having her “feelings” harmed as a result of someone lying to get a piece of her ass, only reveals the limited value that person places on their own body. Just because Marc lacks self-respect, doesn’t mean the rest of us should strip ourselves of ours. Marc is not the person we should be spending our time with in discourse. Marc and those like him are disconnected from reality. Marc can remain a “former” prosecutor and human being for all I care. I’m not going to fight to convince him and those like him to “get it”. There are plenty of others in power who do get it and could use our knowledge and passion as a vessel for their actions toward change. Marc can be dismissed. His opinion doesn’t matter.

      1. Unfortunately, Marc is just one small sampling of the warped mindset that exists currently in society. And if we are to bring about changes to penal code, or expect people to behave differently, we need to enlighten the Marcs of the world.

        There are millions of them out there. I hoped by making an example of his attitude, we could establish the precepts that apply without having to repeat those responses over and over again.

        Now “MARCisms” will be synonymous with the self-serving, dismissive, objectifying of sexual partners.

  5. Here’s a new “MARCism” @jm_short & to answer the rhetorical question: if one of my family members fell prey to the lies of a Casanova, she should have been smarter

  6. This type of mind-set is exactly the problem. When you refer to a woman as getting a** as if she is not human than your objectifying her. Sooner or later we will be seeing his pathetic picture looking like a deer in the headlights just as we did Anthony Weiner. Notice they are both FORMER – they should get a clue and realize how hurtful this is and how it can really damage someone.

  7. Classic reaction from someone hiding his own lies and deciet…make it seem like it’s normal and everyone is doing it. What’s the big deal, right? Pfft! Well, it isn’t normal. Not everyone is doing it. And no longer are people looking the other way when this type of behavior is uncovered. Mark needs to brace for a reality check.

  8. I don’t know if this is reaching or not but to me it kind of is like a partner not revealing that they have aids. Subjecting you to harm. To hide who they really are causes permanent damage to most of the victims. PTSD is real and it’s a lifelong process of managing once the damage is done. He’s out of line. This former prosecutor:(

    1. You’ll be happy to note that it’s possible to prosecute sexual predators who lie about communicable illness through sexual assault by fraud law. Thanks for bringing it up.

  9. I wonder if he would have the same remarks if rape by fraud happened to a female member of his family. Would he tell his daughter ‘Get over it! You got what you deserved, you dumb broad!’? His sister? His mother?

    Perhaps this is newsworthy and should be shared with the media where
    he lives. Is this jerk currently a practicing attorney?

    1. Since he sent the tweet to me personally, I’m reluctant to expose him. What is so very troubling about this is that it reflects a common attitude in society about the nature of this crime. And it’s not just uneducated idiots who feel this way.

  10. Thanks folks. I’ll be directing his attention to this page. I’d like him to see what vitims and their supporters have to say about his mind-set. Don’t hesitate to elaborate!

    1. ‘Marc’ doesn’t give a s**t what victims or their supporters have to say. To think otherwise is an utter waste of time. Let’s leave him and others like him out of the conversation. They are the worthless garbage that makes the laws you’re fighting for necessary.

  11. His lack of empathy indicates he is most likely a narcissist who uses fraud to (as he says) ‘get &ss’.

  12. I can see why he’s a FORMER prosecutor. Such an impressive command of language and great restraint! Compassionate too—NOT!

  13. Let it happen to him, it was the most devastating thing I’ve ever been through. The man I thought was my boyfriend wasn’t even using his own name.

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