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Consent Provisions and Definitions

The following are recently recommended provisions on CONSENT-

Yet the only one that is actual penal code is the statute from Missouri that’s a provision, without a definition.

Definitions state the meaning of a word.

Provisions state conduct which uses the word that’s been defined.

Definitions and provisions must work in synch in order for penal code to make sense. Continue reading Consent Provisions and Definitions

Only an Ass Thinks “Assent” and “Consent” Are the Same in Sex


And the folks we rely on to provide language to our laws seem to be full-fledged asses!

The American Law Institute (ALI) created Model Penal Code (MPC) back in 1962. It’s goal was to standardize penal code throughout the US. Many states have adopted parts of its language including their definition of “consent”  You can see whether their definition was applied when you read your state’s statutes. Each state “picks” and “chooses” what it wants rather than adopting MPC in full.   Continue reading Only an Ass Thinks “Assent” and “Consent” Are the Same in Sex