#SAAM Starts Today!

#CAN Celebrates #SAAM
Teal is the official color for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

For many people- Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) begins today. But for those who have been sexually assaulted, #SAAM is an everyday occurrence. While we all find ways to put the past behind us, and make the most of our lives, the defilement of rape is character changing. It lives within us forever.

For the team of CAN’s Consent Outreach Ambassadors, who devote time and energy to conquer sexual assault, my sincere thanks for your efforts! This first day of SAAM is a great time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and how far we need to go.

Since last year’s #SAAM,  CAN has spread the word far and wide that CONSENT is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA!

  • We brought our Swiss Cheese Umbrella along to address the
    Joyce Short, Founder & Nina Lucas, COA-PA at ATIXA Conference

    national conference of ATIXA, The Association of Title IX Administrators across the US.

  • We received rousing support when we addressed the Women’s March NYC in Manhattan.
  • We participated in Alaska Rep. Geran Tarr’s conference on CONSENT for her state.
  • We’ve grown our list of Consent Outreach Ambassadors to include people from 6 nations.
  • We’ve consulted with Rep. Mandy Powers Norell to help in her efforts to define consent in the laws of South Carolina.
  • We’ve produced an engaging YouTube cartoon, Your Consent for Kids,  to teach small children about the meaning of consent so they can develop into a new generation of consent-aware adults.
  • We’ve published the paperback and e-version of Your Consent -The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault, and we are GIVING AWAY the e-version from Tuesday, April 7th through April 12th, in honor of #SAAM!
  • We are on the cusp of introducing the actual definition for consent in a transformational bill in Pennsylvania, that CAN, and WILL, conquer sexual assault!

April 1 begins a new year!

Hopefully, it will be the year when we see states and territories across the US and around the world define CONSENT in their laws.

By using the hashtags #FGKIA and #CodifyConsent….

By only supporting candidates who pledge to #CodifyConsent if elected….

By grabbing your FREE COPY of Your Consent on Tuesday, April 7th, the Day of Action for #SAAM, and writing a comment on Amazon…..

By volunteering as a Consent Outreach Ambassador in your area……

By donating any amount,  large or small…….

You’ll be providing the much needed support that can help us make the world a safer place!