The Tale of the RAM and the WORM

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A ram sat on a rock looking forlorn. His eyes searched the parched earth that had yielded very little vegetation as he murmured, “Woe is me!”

“What’s wrong?” asked the little worm  who lived in a nearby tunnel.

“It’s going to be mating season soon and there are no ewes here. What’s a ram to do?” he asked.

The little worm looked up at the sky and saw a rain cloud rolling over the nearby hills. “I know,” she said. “You’re in luck!” Then she disappeared into the parched earth.

As the rain began to fall, she dug furiously, making deep trenches to hold the water and bring needed nourishment to the seeds that had lay dormant for so long. She dug here and there, opening pathways for fresh air and water to penetrate deeply into the crusted soil.

The seeds began to sprout, poking their tiny heads through the dirt and into the daylight. Once the clouds cleared, they basked in the sunshine and blossomed into all kinds of fresh nutrients – enough to feed a flock of sheep.

The ewes came from all around. The ram dashed from one to the next, tackling each and having his way.  He was enjoying the time of his life! And the little worm crawled back into her hole, ignoring the havoc above her.  “After all,” she thought, “The ewes got the opportunity to feed themselves. It’s their own fault. They put themselves in harm’s way.”

So why am I telling you this tale?

Society is fraught with raping and assaulting men….. RAMs.  And just under the surface, enabling them, are women of rape mentality….. WORMs.

While WORMs don’t execute the deeds that defile their “sisters,” through their dismissive invalidation and denial, they support the rape mentality that creates life-altering harm.

I’ve seen several examples of WORMs recently…. 

They’re the women who say, “It never happened to me because I would never put myself in that position,” like Donna Rotunno, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer.

Or they think, “I’ve never been sexually assaulted because I had a strong grandmother who was my role model,” – the very words of a legislative council for an Assembly Member I spoke with about enacting a “consent” law.

These women failed to comprehend that the only difference between themselves and a rape victim is luck.

WORMs are people like Ghisllaine Maxwell, alleged to have lured countless girls and young women into the trap that fed Jeffrey Epstein’s veracious, sex addiction.

WORMs are the women who shame the victim by saying “How were you dressed?’ “I told you not to go to that party,” or “You should have seen the red flags.”

WORMs are the women who think victims should, “just get over it.”

WORMs are the women who think if you weren’t “violently forced,” you really weren’t sexually assaulted.

WORMs are the women who deny that consent is “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA,” until someone forces, coerces or tricks THEM into sexual contact.

The next time a woman invalidates your tale of rape or sexual assault, let them know, unequivocally………..

You’re a WORM! 


#LouiseGodbold and #yourconsent at the #Weinstein trial
“Silence Breaker” Louise Godbold and I at the start of jury selection for the Weinstein case.

I frequently get accused of being a “feminazi,” so please read my “freely giving” lips….. women can be RAMS and men can be WORMs!

#CodifyConsent! Today!




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      1. We should have a special category for women who use their media influence to spread sexual assault ignorance under the guise of rational thought. How ’bout “Super Slimy WORMs!” Liz Trotta will be our first!

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