#CodifyConsent to Conquer #SexualAssault!

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Elect candidates who pledge: #IWillCodifyConsent!

Codifying CONSENT into law is the critical key to conquering  sexual assault! Yet no US state or territory actually defines the noun, CONSENT in its laws. How can we know what the verb “to consent” means without knowing what the noun, “consent,” actually means?

……..We can’t!


No law can list all the many ways a crime can take place. Telling us some non-permitted sexual behaviors fails to convey the wide range of ALL defiling, heinous and injurious sexual conduct. Our current method of establishing what constitutes criminal sexual behavior creates laws that act like a Swiss cheese umbrella, full of legal loopholes! Only by defining consent in our laws, will people grasp how to behave, particularly because the ancient doctrine, Nulla Poena Sine Lege, “What is not prohibited by law is permissible,” applies to all sexual assault laws.

Although attempts to provide provisions about the verb form “to consent” exist in 24% of our states and territories, without a single state defining the noun consent, these provisions create confusion, fail to protect against sexual predators,  miss the mark and often mock what consent really is.

Consent is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement, #FGKIA. Model Penal Code says so. Nuremberg Code says so. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) says so. My TEDx Talk says so.  The penal code of every state and territory of the US, as well as our Federal Code, should all say so!

Defining consent in our laws can only happen if our law makers make it happen! Ask every candidate #WillYouCodifyConsent and share the simple hashtag #CodifyConsent everywhere you see a discussion on rape, sexual harassment or sexual assault. Vote only for candidates who say clearly, #IWillCodifyConsent!

YOU can be part of the transformative change to hold people accountable and conquer sexual assault!

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4 thoughts on “#CodifyConsent to Conquer #SexualAssault!”

  1. You’re the one who came up with the ridiculous scenario in which YOU fashioned the woman as the aggressor. In fact, the same would hold true if a man lied about his weight. If a woman was sooo concerned about a man’s weight that she wouldn’t want to have sex with him if his weight were different than what he said, she too would have a cure… she also could ask him to get on the scale. It works both ways.

    For the same reason a woman’s weight would not qualify as fraud, a man’s weight would also not qualify as fraud.

    You’re being absurd and creating a silly example to ridicule a very serious crime.

    1. A “reasonable person” standard is used in adjudicating all crimes. If a person lied about their weight or other image characteristics… you have a reasonable means to determine the truth. If her exact weight is soooo dreadfully important to you, ask her to get on a scale before you have sex with her.

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