Steve Humanick Is Back in Court

Steve Humanick of Stone Harbor, NJ

April 18, 2019- Doylestown, PA- Steve Humanick of Stone Harbor, NJ, faced two accusers yesterday in open court. One victim is currently seeking a restraining order against him to protect herself and her family. The other previously received a settlement in a civil action against him, and testified under oath that Humanick had raped her.

Over four years ago, the first victim reported the case in Middle Township, NJ. “He anally raped me while he took pictures,” she told the detective back in 2014. Yesterday, she testified that she’d vomited and sunk to the garage floor after he’d handed her a drink.  An unmoved Humanick chewed gum and looked on silently while she revealed the horror she endured that night.

Under subpoena she testified about the panic she’d felt as she hit the garage door button to escape and watched in horror as he reversed it, over and over again, until all consciousness slipped away.

When she came to, Humanick was sodomizing her while snapping photos with his phone. Some of the photos had been introduced as evidence in the civil case. She described that they showed her unconscious body posed in different positions and in varying stages of undress. She had a vivid memory of being dragged around the cold garage floor by her foot.

The current complainant for the restraining order accused Humanick of a subsequent assault which could have been avoided had the authorities acted on the first complaint. Instead, she alleges that she and her family were subjected to horror and fear, including assault, trespass and intimidation.

She claimed that Humanick had handed her a drink at a club where they were attending a masquerade party. The next thing she knew, he was dressing her in a room with additional naked people around. She also described how, even under a gag order, Humanick had openly talked about the prior case to her and to others, claiming that the prior victim had been a housekeeper who conjured up the scheme to extort money.


May 9, 2019, Cape May County, NJ – The request for a restraining order in New Jersey was set aside without prejudice by the authorities in favor of pursuing the case in Pennsylvania. The victim is requesting protection in both locations. Meanwhile, Judge Robert O. Baldi extended the temporary order of protection in Pennsylvania.


March 1, 2022, Cape May County, NJ- Humanick pled guilty to aggravated assault in the second degree against another woman, who tried to break up with him. The charges could have led to incarceration for up to 10 years, but the authorities enabled him to be sentenced to Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI); a system intended to deter future criminal behavior. Failure to adhere to the terms of his agreement will result in having to serve at least 85% of his sentence before he comes up for parole.

PTI Plea pg 1