#FGKIA Rape Law – Even more important today than ever!


Being a law maker does not give the legislators in Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas and Utah the right to bully women into their personal religious beliefs. And where are those religious beliefs when legislators refuse to protect against rape by denying that freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA, must be present in order to engage in sex? Anything less is sexual assault!

Every state and territory of the US enables sexual assault by failing to provide an #FGKIA blanket of protection from rape. Instead they pick and chose specific nonconsensual acts to prosecute. It’s gross indecency to fail at rape protections while insisting victims give birth to the product of their own defilement. Sexual assault will only be conquered when each state insists on freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement in all sexual conduct.

The European Union has recognized #FGKIA in cyber security. Today, if you conduct business on the internet in Europe, you are held to the code of GDPR which clearly defines consent. It’s time for our legislators to provide protection for sexual conduct like it does for business conduct.

The more things change, the more they stay the same get worse

Century after century, generation after generation, men created the rules of law…… and women suffered their indecency. Our forefathers, and btw – many were steeped in their own immorality, having affairs, mistresses, and coercing illicit sex – created our constitution with a separation between church and state. Yet in every state that has sunk so deeply into misogyny that it undermines a woman’s right to chose, the defense is the religious belief that life begins at a heartbeat,

That’s certainly not my religious belief nor is it the religious belief of scores of US citizens. It is unconscionable, and unconstitutional for a legislator to misuse their authority to impose their religious beliefs on others.

Not a single legislator who claims their life began at a heartbeat can recall what they experienced in their first trimester because they did not have a functioning brain. They were plasma. They could neither think, feel, nor sustain themselves. Yet these globules of plasma, nourished and nurtured by a woman’s body, matured into human form and turned against the rights of the very women who brought them to life.

Whether or not a legislator believes that abortion is or is not acceptable for them, they have no right determining what is right for anyone else on religious grounds. No one can undeniably say, except by belief, not fact, when life actually begins. Does it begin at conception? Does it begin when the brain is formed and cognizant? Does it begin when the fetus is self-sustaining? No one has the right to determine the answer for another person. No one.


Watch this TEDx Talk! Call your legislator! Demand change!