New Rape Law for Indiana?

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Sally Siegrist, Member of the Indiana House of Representatives

Today, WISH-TV in Indiana featured a new rape bill, the first of its kind for the state, and soon to be law, if IN State Rep. Sally Siegrist gets her way!

Siegrist’s efforts are the direct result of the acquittal of Donald Ward, a Purdue University student who slipped into bed with a young woman who’d fallen asleep in her boyfriend’s dorm room and tricked her into sex, Her bill addresses “Rape by Impersonation,” one particular form of “Rape by Fraud.” In her interview Siegrist stated that she’s motivated by “terrible sadness, indgnation and anger” and that she wants to protect potential victims from this crime.

IN Rep. Sally Siegrist and Author, Joyce Short

In addition to this bill, Rep. Siegrist is also working on a civil bill to define “consent” in the laws of Indiana, in keeping with the #FGKIA definition in the TEDx Talk, “When YES Means NO, the Truth About Consent.”

Currently, Indiana’s statutes contain no such definition. The absence of an accurate definition of consent enables sexual predators to escape conviction, like Donald Ward did, when they conduct sexual assault.



4 thoughts on “New Rape Law for Indiana?”

  1. So let me get this straight….no always means no (except when it doesn’t), but yes means yes…but only sometimes…at other times yes can mean no? While maybe can mean yes, no or maybe?

    And it’s all up to the man to decipher this web of double talk? Because even if she said yes, it could really mean no. Or maybe it means yes. Talk about needing the wisdom of Solomon.

    1. Or maybe you just refuse to grasp that the offender knows whether they’ve used force, duress or deception to induce sex.

      So here’s the plain and simple reality….. If you use force, duress or deception to induce sex, you’re not seducing….. you are sexually assaulting the victim.

      It’s really quite simple….. unless you’re just too caught up in the desire to rape people to understand.

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