How Anita Hill and #FGKIA go hand in hand!

Anita Hill struck the nail on the head today in her opinion piece in the NY Times, A special investigation is called for in order to truly determine the merits of the case against Kavanaugh.

A special investigator can look at the polygraph results and interview witnesses. Simply pitting the accuser and the accused against each other establishes a he-said/she-said circus and obfuscates the true impact on our nation. Our country deserves far better!

Hill was delicate and politically correct in her approach. I’m less so……For the Senate Judiciary Committee to base its determination solely on the words of the parties with no supportive corroboration is tantamount to slapping lipstick on a pig!

The problem nether begins nor ends here!

Our law makers have failed our country generation after generation on the issue of sexual assault. Consent is deliberately not defined in our laws for several reasons…..

1. Law makers commit acts of sexual assault themselves that would be punishable if “consent” held them accountable.

2. They could lose the support of affluent constituents who underwrite their campaigns and don’t want consent defined for obvious reasons.

3. They are more concerned with preventing an increase in sexual assault court cases than in protecting the public. In reality, laws change our moral reasoning. Once consent is clearly defined as the freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA, that it is, society will re-evaluate and adjust sexual behavior.

Same story – different characters… Business as usual!

Clarence Thomas was approved by legislators who failed to see the horror in sexual assault. And they turned a callous blind eye to the problem for society, failing to prevent the suffering of millions of victims in the years that followed his appointment. Those same law makers who year after year failed to establish the definition of consent in our laws, will make the decision about Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge.

Our system is deeply flawed!

Before you vote in November- ask your candidate what they will do to sign #FGKIA into law!!

Don’t know what #FGKIA means? Watch this TEDx Talk.

8 thoughts on “How Anita Hill and #FGKIA go hand in hand!”

  1. This woman is just seeking attention. Supposedly, this assault happened 36 years ago when they were both teenagers. Hell, I wouldn’t even be born myself for a few more years.

    So now, in 2018, she finally decided to come out of the woodwork with allegations. But what’s even more perplexing is that she’s being taken seriously.

    I should make a sexual assault allegation against a girl one day just to see how seriously I get taken. “I only agreed to have sex with her because I was scared and she was intimidating. But I was saying no in my heart”. Like anyone would buy that.

    1. Frank your post invites great dialogue.

      If you read Dr. Paul’s post August 11. 2018 you will find a women who was sexually exploited by her older brother as he hooked her up with all his friends in HS. She Normalized sexual promiscuity and predatory behavior which resulted in her being sexually abused and raped by deception over decades. More than 30 years later she married a man/Dr Paul who believes in sex as a beautiful form of intimacy shared only between a husband and wife. She sexually abused Dr Paul even while he sought extensive help for her healing from 30 years of Rape Trauma Syndrome.

      Your post begs the question:
      Should rape and subsequent trauma be covered up typically resulting in extensive self destructive behavior and collateral damage to addition innocent victims?
      Confessed so the victim can effectively heal and the perpetrator can take accountability to change destructive behavior and minimizing additional victims?

      Let me ask it this way….if it is your daughter how might you respond?

      I pray we all consider “Loving each other as we Love ourselves”

      1. The reason women have been silent for so long is the terrible invalidation they were confronted with if they came forward. Suppressing the pain leads to additional consequences, but there was never a clear enough path to seeking justice.

        Invalidation by those who you turn to emotionally feels like being raped over and over again.

        When I finally informed people about what happened to me, I got terribly mixed results. I cannot tolerate speaking to the people who invalidated me. And some were people who I loved dearly. It’s heartbreaking to be denied when you reveal your deepest pain.

        Martin Luther King had a wonderful comment that underscores this issue…. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s something like this…. The words of your enemies can hurt, but the silence of your friends will devastate you.

    2. @frank632 It’s obvious by your post that your thinking is totally immoral. No right minded person would suggest doing what you just suggested. You’re showing your true colors.

    3. Bill Crosby accusers 35 years Priest victims over 40 years…They are both innocent until the FBI continues their investigation. NONE OF US WERE THERE. And if any of you were sexual assaulted raped abused by Family Friends or Work you would know all circumstances are different for the victim. If she is proved that she is lying, she can get in big trouble….The End

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