Colorado’s Rape Laws- Updated, but antiquated!

Colorado revised their statutes on sex crimes in 2016. In doing so, they recognized certain, but not all, rape by fraud crimes.

Their laws make a critical distinction between sex crimes with or without penetration. The former is “sexual assault.” The later is “sexual contact.” The degree of the crime determines the ultimate penalty, based on the level of violence or other causation.

Colorado also characterizes sex crimes as “Offenses Against the Person,” “Unlawful Sexual Behavior,” and “Unlawful Sexual Conduct.”

Their sexual contact law states:

(1) Any actor who knowingly subjects a victim to any sexual contact commits unlawful sexual contact if:

(a) The actor knows that the victim does not consent

We all know that consent is not simply nodding your head and agreeing. It’s “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement.” Only if Colorado’s law enforcement upholds the right to actual consent, will its laws truly have merit. If they fail to do so, they are simply aiding and abetting sexual predators.

Colorado cherry-picks the type of scams (fraud) they will prosecute, and seems to deny justice to the full range of sexual assault by fraud or deception victims. 

Colorado considers it sexual assault if:

  • The offender knows the victim submits as {(s)he} erroneously believes the defendant to be his or her spouse
  • The defendant engages in the sexual contact while claiming to offer a medical treatment/exam, but the “exam” is inconsistent with reasonable medical practices

It’s abundantly clear Colorado recognizes that scamming a victim for sex is a crime. Yet it fails to apply the same concept to all victims who need justice….  as if only people scammed by their doctors or by a “spouse wannabe” are harmed. This concept is just plain foolish.

Everyone who is scammed by a sexual predator is harmed. The same non-consensual qualities that Colorado punishes, exist in ALL sex scams. Colorado should protect all its residents unilaterally, not pick and chose what specific lies it will punish. Fraud is either a cause of action or not. Fraud either vitiates consent or not. And indeed, fraud vitiates consent.

What can you do to make a difference?

Were you defrauded for sex in Colorado? Report your incident to the police. Report the incident to the SVU Prosecutor. Get to your legislator and make it clear that the laws of Colorado should apply equally to all victims, not just specific ones. You all vote. You all pay taxes. You all deserve fair treatment. Your laws should protect everyone!

If Colorado passed the following language into law, every sexual assault predator could be prosecuted:

Non-consensual sex is sexual assault (or sexual conduct); Consent is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement. (#FGKIA).

Call your local legislator. Demand they enact the law that will protect you and your loved ones, today!

Read more on why Sexual Assault by Fraud is a crime! 


10 thoughts on “Colorado’s Rape Laws- Updated, but antiquated!”

  1. Every woman who lies about how many men she has slept with in order to “keep” “her” man is raping him! Men are the main victims of rape and sex abuse, but society covers this up. That’s why rape by fraud isn’t recognized: because society is so gynocentric and isn’t ready to deal with the reality that women commit more sex abuse than men do,

    1. First off, many forms of rape by fraud ARE recognized by several states. Secondly, if men really felt “defiled” by this behavior, they should be jumping up and down to get more states to acknowledge the crime.

      1. Why legitimize the system of gynocentric male oppression by appealing to it for “help”? Men have been completely disinfranchized by the system and have no serious hope to ever achieve equity from these systems of anti male oppression.

      2. It isn’t just a question of how men “feel”… the provider role forced onto men by the gynocracy literally kills men every day… 95 per cent of workplace deaths are men, forcing a man into the provider role via the 1/2 combination punch of female-on-male stealth rape combined with the gynocentric child support male-slavery racket that enforces men’s sexual/reproductive slavery costs men their very lives.

  2. Wow…just wow. Unbelievable they think a scam is only with a spouse or doctor. What planet are they living on?! How many more innocent people have to get manipulated into these heinous acts of fraudulent abuse?

    1. Totally correct! And it’s all about keeping these cases out of the courts….. In a choice between justice to rape victims and inconveniencing the courts, inconveniencing the courts wins!

    2. marriage is rape in any event… a man cannot truly “consent” in marriage because he constantly threatened with a punishment for leaving the relationship (alimony etc)… a sexual relationship based on coercion… that’s what marriage is… rape

      1. If you think marriage, or more appropriately, divorce, is unfair, you should advocate for fairer laws. Equating the injustice you feel about divorce with “rape” simply demonstrates that you really don’t understand what rape really is.

        1. If marriage isn’t rape, then please explain how you can have a sexual relationship based on coercion that isn’t rape, or how having a man face such societal sanctions for ending the marriage is not coercive. How can anyone truly consent if there is a punishment for saying “no”?

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