Does Cosby’s Big Plan Prove He’s a Narcissist?

Poor, poor Bill!

.After all those years of fooling society into thinking he was the perfect father image, allegedly the perfect cover for conducting sexual assault, his cover’s been blown. And like a true Narcissist, he can’t leave well enough alone. He has to be the grand leader…. hence, he’s grandstanding in a new venue: Town Halls. 

A tarnished reputation is all-consuming to a Narcissist. They’re never at peace with or willing to admit to wrong doing. Mark my words, even if he’s eventually convicted, he’ll still claim he did nothing wrong.

People with NPD are not simply “stuck on themselves.” They actually have a disorder that undermines their ability to feel emotional empathy. While healthy self esteem is necessary to achieve at leadership positions, people with NPD will behave callously toward others to accomplish their desires.

Let’s review two highly obvious “tells” that indicate when we’re dealing with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder……

  1. Craves the limelight- has to be the center of attention.
  2. Laws and common decency don’t apply to them. They feel entitled to do whatever they can get away with.

What message does Cosby have in store for his listeners?

Seems that Cosby’s town halls will do much to support his “blame the victim” mentality. In an interview with WBRC in Birmingham AL, Andrew Wyatta Cosby spokesman, defined Cosby’s intent as:

“We’ll talk to young  people. Because this is bigger than Bill Cosby. You know, this issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today.

And they need to know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying, when they’re doing certain things they shouldn’t be doing. And it also affects married men.”

If Cosby had a drop of honesty in his entire body, he’d be telling those athletes and married men that no matter how vulnerable their target is, they don’t have the right to take advantage of them. But what do you bet that’s not his message?

Juror admits “flip-floping” over the verdict

What about the word “consent” do juror’s not understand? Clearly this case underscores the need for every state to indicate that consent is freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement in their penal codes!

Bobby  Dugan, one of the Cosby jurors, stated to NBC:

“When they were asking him would you use the word consent and he said himself he wouldn’t use that word — I was like, you really just got caught red-handed,” Dugan told NBC News on Monday. “Why would you say that if you were trying to defend yourself?”

Proof, not truth, is the pivotal element that convictions are made of.

A case that’s deficient of the proofs that convince a jury to convict does not mean that the person is innocent.  It’s outrageous that this alleged predator thinks he has something to add to society about rape mentality. The only thing he truly adds to the mix is that society’s perceptions about “consent” are way off base, and even prosecutors and judges have a hard time making the definition clear!


5 thoughts on “Does Cosby’s Big Plan Prove He’s a Narcissist?”

  1. Now a judge in California is going to try him in a case from 1974. Lets hope that one sticks. He is definitely disordered.

  2. It is so evident that this man is indeed guilty of what he is accused of.

    What a tragedy that he was acquitted.

    He definitely has a disorder. How could someone do these things to so many, if they were not disordered. To even consider doing what he did to a person is a red flag.

    1. noelgallagirl- He was not actually acquitted. It was a hung jury. Hopefully, the Prosecutor will be better prepared after listening to the responses of the jurors on this case.

      He should focus on the meaning of “consent,” particularly because Cosby openly admits he didn’t exactly have Constand’s consent. It’s ironic that he stated so on the stand, and still had a hung jury. Poor instructions from the judge!!

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