To All the Single Moms Who Are Also Dads- #HappyFathersDay!

The structure, the nurture, the pain and the joys,

Supporting the growth for our girls and our boys.

Relentless the effort keeping danger at bay,

Sleepless nights, cherished days, they’ve all landed our way.


We struggle, we achieve, and yes, sometimes we fail,

In the eyes of our children, who expect a smooth sail.

But we pray that they’ll notice, we have given them our all,

Building character, instilling love….. enabling them to stand tall.

On this day of thanking fathers, congratulations for all you do!

The mothers who are fathers deserve heartfelt recognition too! 

2 thoughts on “To All the Single Moms Who Are Also Dads- #HappyFathersDay!”

  1. So does that mean that I get wished happy Mother’s Day as well?

    Use your time for something that is positive and productive instead of this all because you were duped into CONSENTING for sex and now are jilted. Quit blaming others for your shortcomings. It’s not rape and it’s offensive to those who truly are victims.

    1. If you are a man who also took on the role of mothering your child, of course, you should be wished a Happy Mother’s Day.

      Opening the eyes of society is, indeed, a positive endeavor.

      It’s obvious that you have zero concept of what the word “consent” means. It does not mean “agreement by any means.” It means “Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement.” You have confused the word “consent” with “assent,” which is agreement “on the face of it.” Anyone who lies to you knows they are not securing your consent. They are simply tricking you into thinking you are consenting when you are not.

      No one who is lied to can possibly consent. It’s an oxymoron. They are simply not “knowledgeable or informed;” elements which are required in consent.

      I never consented to having sex with that creep. He not only raped me for several years, but he completely bailed on supporting his child, who resulted from his rape, either financially or emotionally. He never took responsibility for his despicable behavior. He never apologized. He never made the slightest effort to atone for harming me.

      You are blind if you fail to blame the offender. Blaming the victim shows you to be ignorant.

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