Oregon- Will Rape by Fraud be Prosecuted there?

Mt Hood overlooking Portland Oregon
Mt Hood overlooking Portland Oregon

Oregon is noted for its vastly diverse and stunning landscapes. And if anyone has a case of rape by fraud, it might also become known as the state that upheld honesty in sexual relations! 

Oregon has several terms for sexual misconduct including rape, unlawful sexual penetration, and sexual abuse. Most of their laws require forcible compulsion or for the victim to be incapable of consent by reason of mental defect, mental incapacitation, or physical helplessness.

§ 163.415¹ #TruthInRomanceDay

But Oregon has a law called “Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree” that prohibits sexual contact without “consent.” As Model Penal Code and the world knows the definition of “consent, it’s  “knowledgeable and informed agreement,” not just “agreement.” “Just agreement” is “assent” not “consent.” So if Prosecutors in Oregon follow the letter of the law, and understand the concept of consent, people who are defrauded of sex in Oregon, should file their cases with the authorities.

In Oregon, Sexual Assault in the Third Degree is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year of jail time and a fine of $6,250.

4 thoughts on “Oregon- Will Rape by Fraud be Prosecuted there?”

  1. Hi Joyce, I found out my husband was living a double life with multiple women, can you tell me what kind of Attorney I need to talk to about rape n the third degree in Oregon?

    1. Carla-

      So sorry to hear of your problem! I can imagine how devastated you must feel and my heart goes out to you!

      Crimes are prosecuted by District Attorneys, not private attorneys. But having a private attorney to help you can’t hurt… except for the money it costs. If you’re divorcing, you’re likely to have an attorney. Look for one who validates, not dismisses, your feelings about what happened to you.

      Anyone with half a brain knows that “consent” requires “freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement.” Unfortunately, not everyone has half a brain! You need to find out who your SVU District Attorney is in your area. Pray that it’s someone with half a brain and someone who is brave enough to tackle this hurdle!

      Call them, but read “Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime!” first. It will give you the language to cut to the chase in order to get their attention and cooperation. And I’d bring a copy of it to the DA when you speak with them.

      If you’d like to speak to me privately, I can be reached at StopRomanceScams@yahoo.com.


  2. WOW that is great Ms. Short. I have friends and family in Oregon who knows what happened to me. I got great support from them too. Congrats to you ?)

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