Sexual Predators Beware- Sexual Battery By Fraud is Charged in CA!



Hindu Monk arrested for sexual assault by fraud

Bill Cosby is far from the only person in the news who seemed to deceive women into sex. Gokula Nanda, age 62, was charged with Sexual Battery, Sexual Battery by Fraud and Sexual Penetration by Fraud in Torrance CA. Nanda is alleged to have used sex acts as a means of exploitation while claiming to be a Hindu Monk. 

Naysayers, sociopaths and sexual predators, beware! Sexual assault by fraud is a crime and laws to prevent this abhorrent behavior are coming to the town where you live!

Society is beginning to understand that sexual CONSENT is mandatory in all sexual conduct and no one has the right to scam another person into sex. Consent that is deceived or tricked is not consent at all!

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  1. Yes, charged…. because in the state of CA it’s illegal to trick someone into sex. And that is just as relevant for society as whether this man is found guilty or not!

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