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Is Donald Trump a “Sexual Psychopath?” The Law in DC

donald-trump-billy-bush-arianne-zucker- #SexualPsychopath #SexualAbuse #SexualAssault #BillyBush
Arianne Zucker, Actress ogled by Trump, surrounded by Trump and Billy Bush who lost his job over the ogling incident. While the offensive words didn’t come out of Bush’s mouth, it cost him his job. But it cost Trump nothing. What’s wrong with this picture!!

Be Careful Mr. President-Elect! Washington DC has an interesting law that could be your undoing!

DC Code § 22–3803. Definitions.

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Why electing Hillary is a big deal!

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’m an American. I’ve voted for more years than most Americans have been alive. That means, I was born long before EEOC and Title IX came into existence.

Growing up, I was a springboard diver. I was the City Champ in my town, Columbia, SC. When I went off to college at the University of Georgia, I was allowed access to the “men’s pool” 2 hours per week. And during that time, the diving board was closed because it Continue reading Why electing Hillary is a big deal!

Spousal Rape and Donald Trump

Trump and rape

Donald Trump, by association and the absence of denial, smacks of misogyny, and a distinct failure to comprehend “consent.” He could have contradicted his attorney’s inaccurate claims about spousal rape. He hasn’t.

Decades ago, men owned their wives and children. The practice was called “chattel,” and it is still prevalent in the laws and Continue reading Spousal Rape and Donald Trump