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Fear, not anger, splits our country


Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. It’s especially difficult when the value system you believed in is shattered. And when you know that half of this country does not support the tenants of decency and compassion you believe are humane, it shakes you at your core. You’re left wondering what to believe in. Continue reading Fear, not anger, splits our country

Why electing Hillary is a big deal!

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’m an American. I’ve voted for more years than most Americans have been alive. That means, I was born long before EEOC and Title IX came into existence.

Growing up, I was a springboard diver. I was the City Champ in my town, Columbia, SC. When I went off to college at the University of Georgia, I was allowed access to the “men’s pool” 2 hours per week. And during that time, the diving board was closed because it Continue reading Why electing Hillary is a big deal!

The Disaster of a Trump Presidency

So what’s wrong with electing Trump?
I engaged in an interesting discussion on Salon this past Tuesday. Paul Campos wrote an insightful article. He said that Drumpf claimed (bragged) he’d negotiate with US creditors to accept less payment than what we’re obligated to pay. For Trump, that’s just business as usual.
9944400-Background-of-the-moneySome of the comments he received from Trump’s supporters showed absolute ignorance over how global debt actually works. Trump’s policy would be disastrous for the world’s economy. I wrote an explanation and got the following message from a reader: 

Continue reading The Disaster of a Trump Presidency