Fear, not anger, splits our country


Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. It’s especially difficult when the value system you believed in is shattered. And when you know that half of this country does not support the tenants of decency and compassion you believe are humane, it shakes you at your core. You’re left wondering what to believe in.

If so many Americans can allow someone who is so morally bereft to succeed to office, who are we? How can we possibly feel safe in what we’ve become and where he will lead us? The only saving grace is that Hillary actually won the majority of votes.

Trump says he’ll make America great again and protect us from our enemies. He does not grasp that he and his mysoginist, homophobic, bigoted, xenophobic ways are the undoing of everything that made America great. In his ignorance, he likens greatness to fierceness because he doesn’t grasp that when you destroy the values this country represents, you no longer have anything worth fighting for.

We felt honored to live in a country we could be proud of. Our pride was stripped away by our own countrymen on November 8th. ISIS doesn’t need to fire a single shot to defeat us. Our own countrymen have undermined our humanity and launched us on the path to be just like the rest of the self-centered extremists of the world. They grabbed a ride on the coattails of the schoolyard bully like a gang of thug wannabees.

Donald Trump can’t bring this country together because this is not about burying hatchets over a difference of opinion. We are not angry. We are scared. We’re afraid for ourselves. We’re afraid for our children. We’re even afraid for the people who let this happen. They simply didn’t know any better. And much as we can forgive them, we can’t stop being afraid of them or for them. Their values are not consistent with the values we thought America stood for. We don’t know who they are. And so, we can’t embrace them as brethren.

People can agree to disagree about their opinions. They can’t agree to disagree about their fears.

6 thoughts on “Fear, not anger, splits our country”

  1. I’m afraid that the generations we know as millennials have lost the lessons we gained from WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s a disconnect with the end result of bigotry and hatred. “Let’s make America great again,” is nothing more than a veiled call to arms.

    America is great because we strive to value each and every human life, whether Baptist, Methodist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish,White, Black, Asian, man, woman or child. Trump confuses people into thinking that “fierce” is great and acceptance/tolerance is for fools. His thought process is completely skewed and upside down.

    1. OMG…precisely.

      His message really is ‘make America WHITE again’.

      This is happening right before our eyes. Yesterday, I wanted so badly for President Obama to say…I cannot do this. I cannot hand over this country, my country…our country, to this man. I cannot, in good conscience, do this. This is unfathomable and I will not do this.

      What would have happened then?

  2. What a fabulous post.

    I am a Canadian, in Canada, and I know that Hillary actually ‘won’ the most (popular) vote. That is what I solace myself with.

    I also know that only HALF of all the registered voters in the US, did not vote! Many good and moral people did not cast their vote. They would have NEVER voted for Trump.

    They should have voted. Then, it would not have even been close.

    The good and moral will hold the country up. Make that happen.

    1. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing whether the non-voters were good and moral or Narcissistic Sociopaths. Certainly, they weren’t concerned enough about society to put themselves out by going to the voting booth. Doesn’t speak well for their mentality.

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