Is the “Ice Princess” ignoring a rape case with 30+ victims?

#JillIcenhower passes the buck on #MarioAntoine case
Jill Icenhower, Chief Trial Attorney, SVU, Kansas City MO

MO SVU Prosecutor Jill Icenhower was very specific about why she wasn’t bringing 2nd Degree Rape charges against Mario Antoine, the man who the Federal Prosecutor called a “Serial Rapist,” for the harm he’d done to 30+ vicitims. She said:

“The investigating agency didn’t present the case to the state.”

We discussed that the “investigating agency” was the FBI. 

“Why not call them?” I asked. She hung up the phone. Perhaps she didn’t think my next phone call would be to the FBI—- Obviously, she doesn’t know me!

I spoke to the investigator

I called Investigator Trisha DeWet, who’d worked on the case. She referred me to the media department and I received a call back from Bridgette Patton. “We work with the Federal Prosecutor,” she said. “Our cases are federal cases. The scope of our investigation is within the four corners of their charging document.”

I asked if they would turn over their information if asked by the state. Ms. Patton was reluctant to provide an answer to a question concerning the future behavior of the agency, but mentioned that it wouldn’t be the first time they’d cooperated with the state.

Jill Icenhower knows of this case. She can certainly pursue the information collected by the FBI, and should pick up the phone to get their cooperation. If you agree, please pick up the phone and tell her that Missouri should seek justice for the victims. No matter who the victim is, not matter what their lifestyle or socioeconomic condition, everyone deserves protection from a rapist.

Jill Icenhower, Chief SVU Trial Attorney, Kansas City MO, 816-512-8200

3 thoughts on “Is the “Ice Princess” ignoring a rape case with 30+ victims?”

  1. I have experienced a similar injustice from this person and her failure to prosecute a violent rapist. She is hostile and discriminatory.

    1. Xyz-

      There may be a way to expose her. Could you fill me in on more of the details? When did this happen to you and where?

      I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.


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