Defines #Consent for #ATIXA!

Joyce Short, Founder & Nina Lucas, PA Outreach Ambassador for the Consent Awareness Network , at national ATIXA Conference

Joyce Short powerfully enlightened the ATIXA audience by demonstrating that penal code on sexual assault is a “Swiss cheese umbrella full of legal loopholes.” ATIXA is the Association for Title IX Administrators from schools around the US. Ms. Short addressed them at their national conference on October 1 in Philadelphia. Attendees included Title IX Administrators, attorneys, and creators of products and services geared toward protecting students.

Short exposed the weakness of our sexual assault laws with real current cases and outcomes.  Starting with Bill Cosby in Pennsylvania, she traveled across the country to Alaska, NY, Indiana and Texas, demonstrating that defining CONSENT is imperative from coast to coast.

“In all my years of law school, no one ever explained the difference between definitions and provisions to me,” stated one attendee. “Now I understand why defining consent is so important!”

Olivia Pivirotto, the creator of SwigSafe, a party tumbler that keeps drinkers safe by providing a secure lid and indicating individual consumption levels said, “I found Joyce Short’s talk extremely informative and so enjoyed learning about her work. Our current legal system and laws are fascinating and scary. There needs to be a change.”

Ms. Short speaks at conferences, legislative initiatives, religious organizations, on-campus events and more. Reach out to her for your next speaking engagement on sexual assault at: