#Epstein Victims Voice Their Pain

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in jail while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges. 
Per today’s NY Times article…It was unusually thoughtful for the judge to give Epstein’s victims the opportunity to voice their truth, however, doing so is nothing like the opportunity to face the horrible man who defiled them. But at least, they were able to publicly voice their pain.

Although several stated they were denied justice, imagine the harm of being silenced by the justice system when the authorities simply dispense with a case or fail to even acknowledge the wrong-doing and take the report. Such is the case in approximately 98% of rape crimes…. even violent ones. Reliable sources estimate that only 2 cases out of 100 are ever prosecuted.

Victims of high profile offenders have a greater chance of securing justice because the press and social media will sound the alarm when additional victims step forward. But what if you are assaulted by someone without a big name? You’ll be accused of stalking the person if you go public with their shameful behavior and the likelihood you’ll hear of others who were harmed by the same offender is unlikely.

Why do rape by fraud cases like Larry Nassar and Donald Grant Ward go unnoticed?

When the weapon used to defile you is fraud, in most states, you have zero chance of seeking justice. Trickery to violate your reproductive organs is not seen as a heinous act. The entire justice system heaps a crushing level of dismissal on your psyche, making you feel totally invisible! The dreadful pain of total invalidation and rejection by the very system that is supposed to recognize and protect you, makes recovery especially difficult.

Epstein’s victims who came forward deserve our heartfelt appreciation for exemplifying and calling attention to the terrible miscarriage of justice to which rape victims are frequently subjected.

What needs to change? 

Until “consent” is accurately codified into penal codes across the US and around the world, and ALL nonconsensual violations of each victim’s reproductive organs is recognized as a crime, victims will continue to be treated in the same, degrading, diminishing fashion. This TEDx TAlk can change the narrative on CONSENT, providing recognition and prosecution for ALL forms of defilement. Watch it. Share it. Call your legislators and demand change!
Fight for Consent Laws today! #FGKIA

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  1. Thank goodness some of his victims got to share their stories and the pain they endured. Justice was not served in this case. Victims of sexual assault rarely get the justice they deserve.

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